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Successful Online Business

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57 responses to “Congratulations on Joining My List”

  1. retro says:

    wow thanks for info me about your site and the ebook colin

  2. Chetan says:

    Thanks Colin.. would now spend some time on reading this e-book. Looks like a real big one, so would have to dedicate some time everyday to complete it!

  3. Thanks Chetan, please also tell me how i can improve it, its a first draft so I want to release updates etc. Please can you open a ticket at or use the contact link on this blog, with feedback 🙂

  4. Chetan says:

    Sure, not right now. I will read at least a few pages of the book by night and let you know my views 🙂

    You seem to have been a gem in viral marketing :p

  5. Robert J says:

    Hi Colin,

    Just downloaded your ebook and there are lots of great info there to help my business grow.

    Thanks and more power

  6. shanne says:

    Thanks colin just finish downloading your e-books.. thank you so much colin…

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks for the eBook Colin, I shall be interested to compare to Harvey Segal’s VM books, which I believe to be among the best. If yours is similar it’ll be brilliant.

  8. Mike,

    Please give me a bunch of feedback on my helpdesk if you do read it for when i write a version 2, whats missing, what needs improvement, what you like more of etc. 🙂 Thanks very much

  9. Chriss says:

    Hi and thanks,
    I try first to learn and then have a website!

  10. Jun says:

    Thanks for the e-book Colin. Had another couple of referrals @ VM today 😀

  11. Jun says:

    sorry… what I meant was VN 😀

  12. Great, thanks for the support 🙂 Please let me know your feedback, it needs work and I want to make a better 09 version, so anything you can tell me I will appreciate.

  13. Jun says:

    Still familiarizing myself with VN. My first time joining a network of internet network marketers. Would love to see some more resources on viral marketing.

  14. Mike says:

    Hi Jun, in addition to Colin here, I’ve found Harvey Segal to be well worth listening to on Viral Marketing. His free ebook of VM Supertips can be found here:

  15. Jun says:

    Thanks Mike. Downloading the e-book now…

  16. ginny williams says:

    Just wanted to say thank you and wish you success for the new year!

  17. Thanks for e-book sending to me. I was looking & searching this type of book which can help me in internet marketing. Now I have got it. I am very happy for this great e-book.

  18. Roxie Boyd says:

    Thanks for the ebook. I will print it out to read on my commute to my day job so I can give you feedback. I am a pretty good proofreader.

  19. Roxie, Please do send feedback to as I want a 2.0 version written, thanks very much!

  20. john says:

    Well colin i am looking forward to reading the ebook and learning a thing or two. I just wish i could have posted all my


  21. James Mason says:

    Seems we keep bumpin into each other, heh. BH says thanks for the book..she might let me read it!
    Ya know I saw a reply thread like this on another site..just about every reply had somekind of link in it to the responders site, businee, whatever. just still wondering if the owner allowed it on purpose or not. Might be an idea for advertising tho..

  22. Tracy Knox says:

    Thanks again, this time for the ebook. Like I mentioned earlier
    I’ll make sure to read it and not throw it with a thousand other
    free ebooks I have stored. You have my word…


    If we do what is necessary, all the odds are in our favor. – Henry Kissinger

  23. Abel says:

    What kind of BS is this….I jump thru all kinds of hoops to get the ebook u claim u r offering 4 free…..Is this ebook free or not….If it is free then just me the link to download it….No more BS grab ….. if it is going to cost, then forget it & remove me from ur list…..period…..ty Abel

  24. Hi Abel,

    Yes it is free. You can download it from on this page. Please see under step One where it says: It is yours Free! Right Click, and then click Save To Download it: HERE

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  25. ekads says:

    Hi Colin,
    Thanks for the gift and I’ll spend my night to read your ebook.
    Thanks for the Follow on twitter and I look forward to your tweets and getting to know you better.

  26. SACHIN KATE says:

    Thanks for that great book Colin, I am already registered on Viralurl, and reaping the benefits. Thanks again… Have a great week ahead. Regards – Sachin

  27. Julien says:

    Thank you for your support Sachin!

  28. Thankyou for the gift, i’v already joined vnetwork, vurl, vfollowers and vhosts.

  29. Liz Nelson says:

    Thanks for the book Colin, and for the follow on Twitter. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and some of your online success strategies! Have a great weekend!

  30. Joel Canepa says:

    Thanks for your support. Wish we could be in touch more, as I have a lot of questions for you.


  31. James Holmes says:

    Colin –

    Thank you for the manuscript, I will put it to good use. I have step already in hand and I love Viral URL. Awesome tools!


  32. Pamela says:

    Thanks Colin,
    For creating VN and! I am so excited I will start reading! 5People are following me already!

  33. Julien says:

    Thanks for your support Pamela. Good to have your feedback!

  34. Colin, thanks for the eBook. Looking forward to reading it as well as your blog. I think you are doing a fine job of helping us “marketers” to be more viral. Viral Networks is great. I just signed up, and I really like the potential I see there. Keep it up, bro.


  35. Lynn Perron says:

    Thanks again Colin. You guys rock, love your products. Lynn

  36. Christyleh says:

    I’m glad I’ve found your blog. Thanks for the free ebook, I’m gonna read it on my spare time. =)

  37. AM Zainal says:

    Thanks CK. I am reading it now. Will come back with feedback. AM Zainal

  38. Kenneth James Ford says:

    Colin, I did the trial version of Traffic Siphon, I wonder what your honest opinion is of it.

  39. Hi Ken,

    To be honest, I haven’t reviewed it…. Can i suggest you head over to and see what members there say 🙂

  40. Estelle says:

    Hey Colin I just joined Viralhosts and hope it will benefit my business.

  41. Estelle,

    Thank you and welcome 🙂 There are get started videos and guides in the site, and good luck setting up your site(s). Should be easy with our new point and click SimplePanel system 🙂

    Welcome to the community

  42. Ricardo A. says:

    Hello Colin,

    Thank you for the download with the great bonuses and other gifts. I appreciate them.

    Just downloading them right now.

    More power and success to you!

  43. thanks your information about this iam interested this programs

  44. Russell says:

    Hello Colin,

    Thanks for the awesome free dowloads. Just downloaded them and it looks like I’ve got lots of studying and work to do now. I’m a member of ViralURL also, so I’m already familiar with your products, that they are top notch.

    Again, thanks

  45. Bob H says:

    Hello and thanks for the ebook.
    I have been a member of viralnetworks for awhile and am starting to get signups finally. I’m also a member of viralurl for awhile though not much happening there. I recently
    (this past weekend) signed up a website on viralhosts. I’ve also been a member for awhile but had not utilized it. Hoping to get it set up right, I’m looking forward to a good working relationships with viralnetworks and viralhosts.
    I’ve been getting alot of traffic through another couple of sites, its getting me noticed. Now with my own website, business should greatly improve.
    Thanks again and keep on doing what you do best.

  46. Sorry for the late reply Russell, this got lost in the pile of short reply comments 🙂 – Thank you very much for the support, I hope I can bring some more good content out soon that helps a lot!

  47. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the comment… Looking forward to networking with you on ViralNetworks.. And its great that you got a site setup on ViralHosts – It is good to use even if to create backlinks and drive traffic to your main site 🙂

  48. wilsecs says:

    Thanks for the download. Looking forward to a great read

  49. John McBennett says:

    Looking forward to learning from your book. Thank you very much Colin.


  50. Jack says:

    You are a very sharp marketer!!..Looking forward to learning as much as I can here in your awesome community:)

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