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Traffic Recon ReviewThe SEO landscape has been turned upside down for the past year and half, as Google implemented their Panda and Penguin updates. Qualitative methods have prevailed over quantitative methods. Foundational strategies that have worked for a decade have become useless. A lot of people gave up on SEO and ended up losing their business, and everything they had worked for for many years, but like Albert Einstein said: “You never fail until you stop trying.”

I wrote this short introduction hoping to convince you to not give up. If you give up, what are you going to do? What about your dream of succeeding online? SEO is not dead like some people say, it has just changed. This is exactly what SEO expert Matt Callen explains in his Traffic Recon video course: proven traffic generation and SEO methods, in a way that makes sense, and can be applied to your business, immediately.

Here is what you will find in Traffic Recon:

– Introduction to the Traffic Recon Course
– The Influence of Panda and Penguin
– The Simple Stuff Becomes More Important Today
– Off Page Factors are Still King
– Understand and Mimic Your Competition
– Introduction to Tiered Link Building
– Applying Tiered Linking – Tier 1
– Applying Tiered Linking – Tier 2
– Applying Tiered Linking – Tier 3
– Automation

These are the hottest SEO topics of 2013 and Matt covers them ALL, in simple words. Let’s take a few examples… In ‘The Influence of Panda and Penguin’, he talks about the mistakes people made through the Panda and Penguin updates, to help you future proof your sites for changes Google may roll out. This is not only about what’s working now, but also about what is going to work in the future.

In ‘Off Page Factors are Still King’, Matt explains why off page and link based factors are still important, and will always be a major part of SEO. He also covers a topic that is highly important to me: social signals. You know how it important it is to optimize (and not over-optimize) your site and build links from different sources, but do you know about the importance of social signals? If not, you are about to find out…

Another very important topic Matt covers in this course is tiered link building. If you fail to understand this concept and correctly apply it, you will never succeed with your online business… This is Link Building 2.0, but don’t get me wrong… This is NOT an advanced technique. This is actually pretty simple, if you understand the basics and know what to do, which is exactly what you can learn with Traffic Recon.

Matt covers a lot more topics, and I won’t talk about them here. Simply know these are the most important topics if you want to succeed with SEO in 2013. The best part is that the course is very easy to follow. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned at SEO, this course is useful because it’s about what is working now and what is going to work in the future. The Panda and Penguin updates have taught us a lot.

When Matt first told me about this course, I will a little skeptical, even though I know he is an expert at SEO. I checked it out and I must say I was quite impressed. No bullshit, no fluff… This goes straight to the point. I’m very excited about it because it answers a lot of questions you and other people ask themselves. Trust me, if you follow this course, you will know more than a lot of people who claim they are SEO experts.

Traffic Recon

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Traffic Recon Bonus

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