Hot Topic #4 – Choosing a Blog Theme: Squeeze Theme vs Thesis Theme

WordPress is one of the most (if not the most) used blog theme management systems. It’s actually so popular that for a few years now lots of people use it for their sites as well, and not only their blogs. There is now a very large choice of free and paid WordPress themes available on the web. You can find great a free blog theme range: they look great, they seem to perfectly fit your needs… but are they as good as they look? How about search engine-friendliness? How about conversion?

Some of the best looking blog themes are actually not search engine-friendly (enough) and/or have a poor conversion rate… These are very important aspects to take into consideration if you’re in the internet marketing or home business industry. Don’t let your competitors outrank you in search engines because they have a more search engine-friendly blog theme than you. When you get people to visit your site or blog, you also want them to take action: opting in your mailing list, clicking your ads, etc.

This blog post compares two of the most search engine-friendly, high converting WordPress blog themes available on the market at the moment: Squeeze Theme and Thesis Theme. These two themes are used by thousands of internet marketers and home business owners all over the world because they know that they can make a difference. Each blog theme is paid but rather inexpensive if you take into consideration all the benefits of using them.

Blog Theme

Squeeze Theme Review

Blog Theme

Squeeze Theme is a great affiliate WordPress theme for marketers. It is search engine-friendly, and most importantly proven to be highly converting. This is great news if you want to squeeze the email addresses out of your visitors. As an internet marketer or home business owner, this is something you should definitely be doing.

Squeeze Theme is actually one of the highest converting WordPress theme available. It was specifically designed to grab people’s attention and make them take action (most importantly by opting in). If you use WordPress and take online marketing seriously, you should definitely consider purchasing Squeeze Theme (or Affiliate Theme, another theme by the same developers).

Squeeze Theme is very easy to install and has an easy-to-use main options panel. You can change the general settings very easily, change all the colors in just a few clicks… Whether you’re a newbie or a developer, if you try Squeeze Theme, you’re quite likely to fall in love with it! If you struggle customizing your current blog theme, make sure you give it a try. You can change almost anything in just a few clicks, no need to change any code!

Blog Theme

Thesis Theme Review

Blog Theme

Thesis Theme is more for niche sites and blogs. If you plan to have a lot of content, you should definitely consider purchasing this blog theme. It is one of the most (if not the most) search engine-friendly themes available on the market. It’s actually used by thousands of site and blog owners already. You just can’t ignore all the benefits of using this blog theme.

Thesis Theme is very popular in the internet marketing industry because it’s just perfect for content-based sites and blogs… and we all know how important content is for search engines. It is considered by many as the best blog theme on the market. Customizing this blog theme is a little more complex than customizing Squeeze Theme, but overall it’s still pretty easy. You may have to get your hands a little dirty though (by editing a few lines of code).

Thesis Theme was created by DIYthemes. The best news is… they just released a new version: Thesis 1.7. The 1.6 version was already a great, very advanced version but the 1.7 version seems to be even better! They keep improving it, and this is a major upside because only few developers keep significantly improving their blog themes… and let’s not talk about free themes!

Blog Theme

Final words

Squeeze Theme: 9/10
Click here to get Squeeze Theme
Squeeze Theme is ideal if you want to capture your visitors’ email addresses. It’s a very high converting, easy-to-customize blog theme, and as an internet marketer or home business owner with a product to promote, you should definitely consider purchasing it. Ease of use, high conversion… this blog theme is a must-have!

Thesis Theme: 8/10
Click here to get Thesis Theme
As previously mentioned, Thesis Theme is ideal for niche sites and blogs. Many consider it as the best blog theme. It’s search engine-friendly and fairly easy to customize (not as easy as Squeeze Theme though). Thesis Theme will help you set up and run a killer site or blog in no time. It’s a rather minimal design, so your visitors focus on your content… which is actually a great thing!

Whether you’re a beginner or a guru, Squeeze Theme and Thesis Theme are very good, long-term investment that will help you make your sites and blogs work. If you’re on a tight budget, visit the Free Themes Directory or sites like WordPress Themes Base and Top WP Themes. Make a few bucks and invest in one of these proper, premium themes. Get yourself the best blog theme for your needs.

This blog post is part of a series of hot topics for making money online. Stay tuned for more and feel free to share your own experience on blog themes with us!

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  3. Nic Oliver says:

    I prefer Genesis to Thesis – it’s just as SEO friendly and being a framework, has loads of child themes to make customisation and personalisation a breeze. So many Thesis sites look the same – that’s why I evolved to Genesis.

    Have a great week


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