Get 2 Cents Clicks on Google AdWords!
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Cheap PPC – In this video I show you how YOU can get 2 cents clicks on Google AdWords to drive dirt cheap, targeted traffic to your own sites or affiliate sites. Google AdWords is popular because it works… but it can become very expensive if the keywords you target are highly competitive. Let me show you a way to make the most of your Google AdWords campaigns without hurting your pocket!

If you know how Google AdWords works, you’re probably wondering how I manage to get 2 cents clicks… That’s cheap PPC traffic…The technique I found is 100% legal; there’s nothing wrong about it (except that too few know about it). It’s all about the way you do it, and the settings. Please take a few minutes to watch the video, give this technique a try, and you will see it works!

I really hope you enjoy this video on Cheap PPC and how to get 2 Cents Clicks on Google AdWords. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, make sure you leave a comment. If you like the video, feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using the big buttons below! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to download the transcript of this video by the way…

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Important Update: Since January 2011, Google doesn’t accept affiliate links in their AdWords program anymore. I suggest that you presell the product you’re advertising, by linking to a squeeze page or blog post that has your affiliate link in it… This is a bit more work for you but actually more effective than hard selling the product!

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20 responses to “Get 2 Cents Clicks on Google AdWords!”

  1. Steven Marzio says:

    Hey Colin,

    Great video! A very simple, yet very valuable PPC technique.


  2. Hey Colin, Thanks for the great information. I never even thought about using adwords for banners before. I’m giving it a try to see how it works out for me, I tried text ads before but it cost me so much I quickly shelved that idea! Thanks again.

  3. dee says:

    Hi Colin,

    Interesting video. I shall have to give it a go. I guess for me it wasn’t obvious the reasoning why these ads are only AUD$0.02 . I’m assuming it is because they are for banners rather than text ad’s but it wasn’t clearly stated in your video. ie; banner ads = cheap ads.

  4. It is for banner ads, but if you like text you can put the text into a jpg image.

    These are run on Google content network, doesn’t matter if it is Text or Banner, you only pay when someone clicks through to your site 🙂

  5. nicky says:

    Could you confirm whether it is best to use a direct affiliate link or a forwarding domain in your banner. I ‘ve been told before Google don’t like direct affiliate links or does this just apply to the search ads. Thanks and found this really useful and new. Nicky

  6. Hi Nicky,

    You can use direct affiliate links with banners as far as I know, but my question is, why would you want to? 🙂 It is much better to use click tracking so you can see what works and what converts.

    You can use Google Analytics to set this up and use a cloaker like: viralurl or if you want a shortner and forwarder instead of a cloaker, check out:

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  7. Christopher Neil Arnfield says:

    Hi Colin,
    I`ve got here via Social Monkee of which I am a premium member.
    I had a bad experience using the content/image ads in Google. I had my account closed because of persistent landing page violations. This came as a surprise seeing as I had paid for these landing pages from a so-called reliable source!!
    The technique you explain has been around a for a while now and whilst I agree that it is a good system, I found that I still had fairly high CPC rates. Google say this was due to low click through rates!
    I had set up a new Adwords account and I am interested in using this technique again, but I would like some ideas from you regarding the procedure.
    For example, Google have said that they do not like people using affiliate links in ads that redirect to a different page, so i assume that I would need to set up a landing page on a domain?
    I feel like this is treading familiar territory and I fear the end result may be the same with Google!



  8. Hi Chris,

    So far I have had no problems. Google’s landing page terms basically state that it can’t be just a 1 page squeeze page, you need to have ‘terms and conditions’ ‘privacy policy’ and a ‘contact us’ links on the page (in the footer) so that people have other options.

    The page also needs to provide some value/content.

    Because I selected the content network only, my CPC is still 2 cents a click. Some terms you won’t get impressions because of competition or a low CTR but with many you will and that makes it worth while. NOTE – you are setting your max cpc to 3cents or so, meaning that you can’t get charged more than that.

    Then the banners you upload, ensure that you upload all sizes of banner that people can have, this way, on sites where the banners are ‘obsucure’ it means the competition will be lower and you will get more impressions 🙂

    I point to viralnetworks homepage with my ads for example, and i use in house tracking, so the link forwards but it still a viralnetworks link.

    Youe best bet would be to setup a content capture page that provides good content, but has many optin points and tell them they need to enter their email to see what you are referring to, then auto forward them to your affiliate offer.

    Or skip this step and link directly to the affiliate offer in the content using your content as a presell.

  9. Saqib says:

    Hi Colin,

    Looks great and actionable. The 800 keyword trick is great, I am in uk, what dirt cheap per click amount would you advise in GBP (£)…. as i have never done adwords before, but i intend to. However, i want to achieve this for google text ads not bannars, please include any different options i need to ‘tick box’ as these may be different from when setting up bannar ads? send me an email a soon as you can please, so that i can do this, as i am in the middle of an affiliate project and i have not yet done google adwords, if you can send it soon so i apply these settings in good time. Simply because i am starting out and am low on funds, hence the need for cheap per click ads. Regards Saqib

  10. Hi Saqib,

    Thanks for the comment. I suggest starting at 1p, you can always increase as time goes. Just ensure you get like 800-2000 keywords into each group and make a few groups, 95% of your keywords wont get impressions, but the 5% that do will drive traffic, dirt cheap 🙂

    I don’t think it works with text ads, simply open paint, write your text ads so it looks like a text ad, save it as a jpg in the sizes i outline, and upload it

  11. Matej says:

    Hi Colin,

    Once again, a great video:). I have one question for you: Does google allow adwords + CPA offers? It would be understandable that they may refuse some ads, but those non spamy looking sites should pass the filters right? Thanks!

  12. Hi Matej,

    I think the best thing you could do is give it a try. Make sure the landing page has some content and a privacy policy, contact form and terms. Then it should be ok, but only one way to find out 🙂

    Another option is to send clicks to a ‘presell’ page where you first talk about the CPA offer and link to it? Let me know how you get on 🙂

  13. Lemuel says:

    Hello Colin I came across your site, I plan to get cheap traffic from the google content network & drive it directly to an offer to test it out, I’ve never made money online but I think there’s hidden power in the content network?

  14. Saqib says:

    I am getting into the online affiliate business arena, promoting other people’s products. Suffice to say, I just wanted to find out what I would need to do to fulfil my tax obligations, as i intend to produce income full time like yourself. I suppose that comes under the self employment umbrella as well. I am in UK, I wonder if you can advise in the general sense of applicable laws ie. of affiliate marketing business obligations, to this end I have searched and found a firm of accountants who operate online, whom I plan to use given you are full time self employed in affiliate marketing. Hence, you would, by my understanding, be the best person to ask !

    Also while I’m asking does socialmonkee allow to promote affiliate links which I intend to promote (other people’s products) or does the link I put into the socialmonkee have to be my own, ie only affiliate owners allowed. At present I am only intending to promote other people’s products which I hope I can put into socialmonkee?!

    Thirdly, if i have an affiliate product i’d like to promote and it’s not my own, am I allowed to create a banner from scratch, is this allowed or not, thanks. Sorry for a exhaustive list of questions! Thank you!!!

    And lastly, if I use upto 5 readymade banners for different products 800 keywords each, for example, given what you said abt using wonder wheel (4000 in total) do you think this would be allowed Looking fwd for ur reply…

    Best Regards Saqib

  15. Lindsey says:

    Hi Colin:

    I don’t see when you posted this video (great by the way), but word on the street is that Google changed their rules in Jan. 2011 and you can no longer link directly to an affiliate program. Any thoughts/instructions about how to set up a fast re-direct to overcome this problem? Or maybe that only applies to text ads and not banner ads?


  16. Julien says:

    Hi Lindsey! Yes, you’re right but this can actually be seen as an opportunity for you to presell the product (as opposed to hard selling), and even get people’s email address before you actually try to sell them something, so you can then follow up with them… We suggest that you link to a squeeze page, or even a blog post where you talk about the product. That’s a bit more work for you but can be quite effective if done properly.

  17. Saqib says:

    Hi Colin,

    Just a quick question, I know you say the 800 keyword banner thing is legit, but i was just wondering, curious. I am planning on doing a banner campaign for 15 different banners/sites since each banner campaign gives around 800 keywords, wouldn’t around 15 different banners eventually look like spam to google, ie too many keywords, or is this safe to do, given the number of banners and tremendous number of keywords I plan. (e.g, 800×15 banners)

    for each banner how many adgroups should i do for 15 banners, just an estimate, if u can. Thanks!
    Hope you can help. Have a nice day.

    Rgds Saqib

  18. joshua23 says:

    Hi Colin
    I have a quick question what if I don’t have wonder wheel what else could I do?

  19. julien_ck says:

     @joshua23 Hi Joshua! Try Google’s suggested keywords (when typing in the Google bar) or Google’s Keyword Tool.

  20. MicheleFenniman says:

    Hey Colin this is great info but is it still working in present day? If it is I want to start using it.

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