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26 responses to “Almost There”

  1. Perry J Gibson Sr says:

    HI Guys,

    Congratulations on your apparently outstanding successes.

    I am a senior citizen who just wont quit. I am greatly inspired
    when I discover young persons with whom I can relate, and
    from whom I am able to learn.

    I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship
    with you guys.

    Perry J Gibson, Sr.

  2. Thanks Perry and its great that you have no intention of quitting – that is the attitude that will see you succeed 🙂

  3. Perry J Gibson Sr says:

    I am in Chicago Il. USA

    I never even suspected that anybody anywhere in the world would read
    my comment, and then respond to it this fast.
    Oh what pleasure it is to rise
    early in the morning with a heart
    filled with peace and joy.
    To greet the rising
    son and remember when I was
    just a boy. I am reminded of the poem
    “When The Frost Is On The Pumpin”

    O well don’t get me going.


  4. Geoff says:

    Hi Perry.

    I just thought that I should answer to your post, to let you know that maybe more people are listening out there in the www than you probably think.

    I am not familiar with the poem “When The Frost Is On The Pumpkin” maybe you can mail me a copy.

    You certainly have the right attitude but, just how senior are you?
    I am 55 years young and still kicking like a wild Mustang.

    “All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.”

    Hang in there Perry. All the best and all success,


    Book tip for you, (I am not selling you, I bought this book myself years ago and it does change lives), ” Way of the Peaceful Warrior” from Dan Millman. You can buy it second hand by Amazon.

  5. juanita says:

    Thank you again for more great information for those of us who just can’t seem to “get it”! And it has nothing to do with age. I’ll be 58 this month, but I will NEVER GIVE UP. By this time in January I will be making $5000+ per month with the help of people like you. I have an illness that causes brain fog, but I’ve been successful in other endeavors in the past and we’ll See You over the Top! on this one too!!!!
    juanita aka huggerlady

    If you can conceive and believe it, you can achieve it!
    How can I help?

  6. keith amburgey says:

    Hey Colin,
    Thanks for putting up with me and my ventures ,, you have a great opportunity you are sharing with all of us .
    thank you

  7. Hi Perry, I feel similar to you! What do you still do? I call myself an elderly White African (I love Africa in general and South Africa in particular) and a practising entrepreneur! I also love IT and ICT! Regards, George

  8. George L. Joubert says:

    Hi Everyone, This sounds like the “old boys and girls club”. I beat you all. I am 70 this year and STILL love IT and ICT and I am still starting new businesses. I have NEVER given up in my lifetime and I once wanted to start a business called the “We Want To Work” for the over 50’s because some of the youth thought these people were “past it” or senile. If ONLY they realised how much valuable knowledge and experience they are just throwing away! I have always embraced new technology and it does not frighten me. I say to the youngsters: “When they change the zeros and ones on the hard drive THEN I am out of date!” I have more business and REAL-TIME experience and knowledge in my little finger than many of these propeller heads have in their entrire body. So keep the Faith and Spirits high.
    Kind regards, George

  9. Terri Pattio says:

    Hey Colin,

    I think you are very intelligent young man, you are always thinking of ways to help people be successful. That is what you have to do.


  10. Hello all of you hwo are reading this. I am not quite as old as George L. Joubert, but I am soon going to be 60 (next year). Anyway I think I am fit enough to earn a living on network marketing. I have been trying for some time without any luck, but I keep on trying, any good suggestions?
    Have a good day you all. Thanks for keeping up with me Colin. Þórður Magnússon

  11. Carolyn says:

    You are all ageless… Remember its just the form that we fill for a short while! Isn’t it fun to create a way of power and joy? Here’s to pumpkin poems and never quitting.

  12. Tracy Knox says:

    Quick Success Tip:

    – to become the best, first learn what the best are doing.

    Create A PHENOMENAL Day,

  13. Dolores says:

    Hi Colin,
    Thanks for your gift and follow. This is the first network I’ve activally been in. Lot to
    learn but am enjoying it. Thanks for the lead to ViralFollowers. I have 2 blogs I enjoy
    doing. I’ve used your ViralUrl’s for a while and can’t wait to get some money coming
    in so I can upgrade and be more active with that.

    Until next time.


  14. Kim says:

    all I want to know, is how did you do this page? I just joined twitter the other day…lots to learn I see and looking forward to your ebook…George… comma c’est va? .what wisdom, good for you, I just turned 50 (on the 25th) and hope I still have the same positive attitude when I reach your age..

  15. Hi Kim,

    I will try to create a blog post on how to automate your twitter follower process. 🙂 Will most likely do it in the next week or two. Thanks for the support and Happy Birthday!

  16. Betty Knutson says:

    Thanks for your help. I too am considered a senior citizen interested in internet marketing and just thankful I am not in the shape my younger sis is in today..She just had a bad auto accident and has a broken neck, back, ribs and sternum. But the good part is she can walk and talk..close call.
    I am 60 and so interested in life and raring to make it online. I have recouped my annual gold membership price at ViralUrl with two upgrades in my down line. This is grand. I think this program is A one. Keep up the good work, Colin.

    Betty Knutson

  17. Hi Betty, wow i am very sorry to hear about your sister, that is horrible. I hope that she pulls through ok.

    Also, thank you for the support at Viralurl, it is great hearing positive feedback. Also thank you for posting on my blog and joining the community here.


  18. greg bright says:

    Love your site so far and hope that we work together in the future.

    Just signed up for your twitter program as well. I help companies with social marketing.

    One of my first accounts is the Rustic Frog In New Albany Ind.

  19. Bill Morgan says:

    Hi Colin
    I have been a member of ViralUrl for over a year I love the response i get, Thank you for all you do for marketers. I look forward to your tweets Bill.

  20. Dorothy says:

    Hi Colin,

    I also am a Senior Citizen, who got bored with retirement, and decieded to put my computer to work..instead of social sites, pictures etc. Thanks for the book. I am a newbie to your site, but have cloaked all my URL’S so far. Have a lot more to learn yet..before I become a PRO.
    Haven’t made alot of money yet, But once I get it all together, maybe I will..It sure does keep you busy..

    Thanks again,
    Dorothy Claggett

  21. Julien says:

    I am sure you will Dorothy, with perseverence and dedication… All the best!

  22. Kirk Nickey says:

    Thanks for follow in me.
    I look forward to getting to know you.



  23. Kirk Nickey says:

    Nice Site!


  24. Michael says:

    Looking to get more help with on line marketing and be able to chose good marketable products that could give me an income I am willing to start small and grow but I need tools and products.

  25. Julien says:

    Thanks for your comment Michael. Feel free to ask questions, we’re always keen to help. Good luck with your online venture!

  26. Ken Hanks says:

    I just joined this site and was reading your email. I am a big Dan Millman fan. I have read many of his books and even subscribe to his newsletter. “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” is wonderful. I am also a Sr Citizen at 61 years of age and going strong here in Santa Fe, NM. Have a great day!!