On Page SEO Chat – Looking at Factors of On Page SEO
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On Page SEO Factors

This video covers the ‘on page seo‘ factors that you need to get right if you want to make it easier to rank on higher searched terms. This video lasts about 30 minutes and is mainly about on page seo with some conv’s about other SEO factors covered too. The two main factors in SEO is:

* On Page SEO (Covered in this video)

* Off Page SEO (Backlinks etc.)

There are a few new tools out to make it super easy to sort out your ‘on page seo‘ if you use wordpress. I wrote a review on the best software I have currently found, you can read all about it here.

Great News – For everyone wanting to solve their on page seo issues I have been able to make sure that you can afford Dan Tan’s plugin… he told me he never discounts it, but I have my ways 😉 and so I was able to secure you $20 off his on page seo plugin:


On Page SEO

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If you already use SEOpressor for your on page SEO, please leave your feedback below for other users.While this video might be basic for some, it is vital to still make sure you are getting as much of it right.

Thanks and enjoy the video 🙂

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8 responses to “On Page SEO Chat – Looking at Factors of On Page SEO”

  1. LauLau81 says:

    I know a lot of people are interested with this post…And I am one of them…thanks!!

  2. ellie1912 says:


    I am new to blogging and have recently started up a blog on my anxiety experiences. I do not have any commercial intent. I merely want to let people know about my personal struggles with anxiety attacks. Is SEO Pressor something I should consider to popularize my WP blog?


  3. cklinkert says:


    I would say no, as that is a very competitive niche, so planning to rank and get Search Traffic to your site on main keywords, without commercial intent to cover the time and expense involved in getting those rankings will not be viable. Social Media and building a presence on Facebook etc. would most likely be your best play to share the message.

    Having said that, if you want to target longer tail terms, SEOPressor can help you making sure your on page SEO is where you need it to be. Then it comes down to building backlinks to get those rankings. Sorry for the confusing answer, but It 100% depends on your planned use of the blog, if you want search traffic, then you need good onpage seo (where seopressor will help) but also good keyword research and off page seo (backlink building)

    Thanks for the comment, hope this helps a bit


  4. ellie1912 says:

    Helps alot. Thanks again

  5. thank your for working

  6. On page has been always main strategy for better search engine rankings. Using this tool your on page work may be easy. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Thanks.

  7. Neil Patt says:

    Web developers often concentrate so much on link building that they often lose forget about internal factors like on page SEO.

  8. This SEO video really twists everything that I’ve learned from the start, but it’s good to know that so that I can devise my own strategy as well.

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