Twitter Traffic Experiment 2 – Win $50 Now!

In April last year I organized a Twitter experiment that saw a lucky visitor win $25 cash. This time, I want to go a little further and am ready to give away a total of up to $150! If like me you often wonder how powerful Twitter really is, how much targeted traffic it can send to your site or blog, then take part into this experiment!

Win $50 by simply commenting this post!

To get in, all you need to do is to comment this post answering the following question:

What will make you want to subscribe to my RSS feed
and follow me @ColinKlinkert?

Hints: It could be:
– a type of content you would like to see;
– a topic you would like to learn about, etc.

If we get 50 comments, I give away $50. If we get 100 comments, I give away $100 ($50 each). If we get 200 comments, I give away $150 ($50 each). It is as simple as that. The more comments we get, the more chances you have to win $50 cash! No more questions asked.

We will tweet this post 6 times over the next 48 hours. Like for the previous experiment, Twitter will be the main source of traffic so we can see how many people post a comment and retweet our initial tweets. If you aren’t interested in the cash, you may still participate to help us with this experiment.

You are of course encouraged to retweet my tweets, increasing your chances to win cash.

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Post a comment now and get a chance to win $50!

The winners will be chosen at the end of the experiment. Please use a real email when commenting, so if you win you will get my reply to your comment on how to get your money! 🙂

Good luck to all of you!

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Colin Klinkert
Twitter Traffic Experiment 1

Does Twitter Send Traffic?

When I make a blog post, I have a plugin that automatically tweets the fact that I have made a new blog post. The question is, does Twitter send traffic to your blog.


When you make a Tweet and include a link in it, will your followers click, and then take action? Welcome to the Twitter Traffic Experiment. It is very simple…

Win $25 Simply by Posting a Comment In this Post

To go in the running to win $25, simply make a comment in this thread answering this question:

“What will make you want to subscribe to my RSS feed or email list and read” (could be the type of content you want to see, a topic you want to learn etc.)

The way I will get people to see this thread is send 1 tweet now, and 1 again in 12 hours to account for time difference. So two tweets will basically be the source of traffic to this post, the experiment is to see how many people post comments and maybe even retweet my tweet about it…

(Post Your Comments Now & A Winner Will Be Chosen In 24 hours)

Colin Klinkert