Twitter Traffic Experiment 1

Does Twitter Send Traffic?

When I make a blog post, I have a plugin that automatically tweets the fact that I have made a new blog post. The question is, does Twitter send traffic to your blog.


When you make a Tweet and include a link in it, will your followers click, and then take action? Welcome to the Twitter Traffic Experiment. It is very simple…

Win $25 Simply by Posting a Comment In this Post

To go in the running to win $25, simply make a comment in this thread answering this question:

“What will make you want to subscribe to my RSS feed or email list and read” (could be the type of content you want to see, a topic you want to learn etc.)

The way I will get people to see this thread is send 1 tweet now, and 1 again in 12 hours to account for time difference. So two tweets will basically be the source of traffic to this post, the experiment is to see how many people post comments and maybe even retweet my tweet about it…

(Post Your Comments Now & A Winner Will Be Chosen In 24 hours)

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29 responses to “Twitter Traffic Experiment 1”

  1. What will make me subscribe to and read your blog? HMM. A reminder would be good. Sometimes I forget to read the blogs that I’ve subscribed to.

  2. Tory Whibley says:

    seeing as i have already followed, i would say that asking for a retweet is the easiest way to to get people to check out your site. ill retweet it for you and see what happens.!

  3. Thanks DeAnna For your comment

  4. Thanks Tory for the Retweet and for subscribing to my blog, much appreciated

  5. I have to agree if I had a notification to retweet that would work, but I would also like to see some of the content to be on information or places to go get info on developing a Successful Internet Business. Or real programs that are being used by someone that really work or do NOT work giving us a heads up so to speak.

  6. Wendy says:

    I click on links people leave on twitter all the time! Love it!

  7. Hello! I found this page through Twitter. I’m @sweepstakesgirl. Giveaways are sure to bring traffic from Twitter. Upon landing on your page, my first questions are: WHO and WHAT? Who are you? What kind of page is this? Pick a niche and promote it. Your page seems generic. I’d like to know what I’m subscribing to before I hit the button with my email address. Sure, you have an about page. And sure, the header says marketing. But tell me more and peak my interest on every page! –Michelle

  8. Jep Smith (Jeperly) says:

    I clicked on your link, didn’t I?

  9. If I want to subscribe to your blog I would want to know what kind of business you are promoting. What’s the name of your business and what kind of product you are selling? I would also want to know how you are gonna sell it. What type of lists would generate the most visitors to my page, etc, etc? Giveaways are cool as well, perhaps like you can give like prizes away monthly for everyone that reads your blog. Or have a monthly entry form. The prizes don’t have to be too expenisve, just enough so that people can be really interested in what you are blogging. Oh and some success stories about your product would be helpful too.

  10. Thanks Michelle for the comment and feedback… The ‘About Me’ is on every page, including twice on the homepage here there is a snippet about me, the ‘My Sites’ link is also on every page and that shows what I do.

    Once again, thanks for the comment

  11. Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 I am in Internet Marketing and my blog gives advise to others trying to make money online. The ‘About Me’ and ‘My Sites’ tab will show what I do online.

    Thanks for the suggestion to add some testimonials, that is a good one 🙂

    Success Stories about my product can be seen by clicking through to my sites, for example:

    I do and will continue to do prizes, like this thread here, but it is the content that should be the reason to read a blog

    Search my archives for previous posts to see if they are of value.

    Once again, thanks for the comment and the feedback

  12. Hi Wendy, great to hear and thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing you in the community

  13. Congrats Loretta and James,

    You guys are the winners of the $25. As I don’t have you email, please open a ticket in the ‘general’ section of: with your paypal email address.

    Thank you and looking forward to seeing you around the community here

  14. christine matijew says:

    I will read blogs if I think they have some valuable information to help me with my online business. It also depends on how easy it is to get to the blog. Don’t like to spend a lot of time clicking to find something.

  15. Bruce says:

    Iam possibly much the same as the majority of twitter user’s.
    In fact just this morning I have clicked and visited three or four
    various links posted from my twitter friends.

    I would however hazard a guess, the more targeted your followers,
    the bigger traffic volume you may get from your twitter posted links.

  16. ReatTruthMLM says:

    Just curious, aside from content and topic, do you happen to know if the timing of a tweet to generate traffic is important. Like timing the end of an eBay auction? Do you get more clicks if you tweet at a certain time?

  17. Terri Pattio says:

    Yes If the content is about generating traffic. That is my main interest, driving traffic to my website to see what I have to offer.

    Terri Pattio

  18. Peter says:

    So how much traffic did your tweets generate?

  19. Hi Peter,

    Over the 2 day period, 20th and 21st (post was made on the 20th) 25.93% of traffic came from

    So all in all, I’d say its worth using twitter, although it must be noted, my traffic from other sources is still quite low as ive only just started blogging regularly, so if it was higher, that % would be lower

  20. Bruce, I think that point is very true. It is one thing having lots of twitter followers, its another thing having followers who like and respect what you write.

    Thankyou for contributing

  21. Great question. I do think it is, yeah. A Tweet should maybe be sent at a time when most people are likely to be infront of their twitter stream. When that is, im not sure

  22. Hi Terri, great. I do blog about generating traffic. It’s wonderful to have you as a part of my community

  23. Leah says:

    How come the does not work? I think I have one of those but I’m not sure?
    Why do those pages quit like that. Yesterday, the wasn’t working either. The day before that, another one hit the skids – forgot which one??

    So much for traffic – find a way to divert those pages to you!!

  24. Viralurl does work 🙂

    Do you have Spybot installed?

    Please check out this blog page for complete details on how the fix their bug…

  25. Leah says:

    45 followers with 22 going is almost 50% right? What does it mean if they go twice? The total was 42 with 22 unique. I’m not a marketer though. I just learned how to track the links. It’s kind of tedious but Rule #2 is track dat ad!! Most of what I post on Twitter is stuff like this:

    Just found this FREE game from some Country that says Kick it Like Michael ?

    My question is this: Isn’t that good enough? If someone wants what you have, they will shop around. If not, let them play the game or whatever fun things you have and go. You can only lead them there, the rest is up to them. Like I said, I’m not a marketer. I make it up as I go along!! Rule #1 Must be FUN!!

  26. Leah says:

    I don’t even know what that is? How can I tell? Maybe I just forgot but I don’t think so???

  27. Peter says:

    I normally tweet around 10pm HST (That’s when I post in my blog). I don’t get much response during that time. I’m going to try mornings tweets next.

  28. Peter says:

    Wow, that’s pretty good!

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