Celebrating ViralURL’s 2nd Anniversary!

This week we’re celebrating ViralURL‘s 2nd Anniversary. Our new special offer can help you achieve a great conversion rate so we don’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity to promote the system!

ViralURL has more than 60,000 active members and is still growing thanks to the support of its members!  These are fantastic results and we want to celebrate this with an amazing special offer that you and your referrals will never see again.

You can save $70 on your annual Elite Membership upgrade for the next 48 hours only (until the end of October 27th)! This is truly a win-win situation. You get the commissions and your referrals get a unique opportunity to become Elite members at a discounted price.

This offers will only last 48 hours, so make sure you act fast.  It’s even certainly less by the time you read this blog post… Simply mail your list or publish a blog post yourself about this offer and get a chance to make some cash fast.  No doubt you’ll achieve a higher conversion rate with that offer.

Let your contacts grab our great one-time offer for the Gold Membership and help them get their way to the discounted Elite Membership upgrade.  They will simply never be able to upgrade to the most complete version of ViralURL at such a low price again. Don’t forget that you can find a wide range of promotional tools within the member area.  Simply log into the system and click the ‘Promotion Section’ link: text ads, banner ads, email copies…

As if being an Elite member was not already awesome, we’re offering 10,000 text ads credits and 10,000 banner ads credits to ALL Elite members.  If you are an Elite member, simply log into the system and click the ‘Ad Credit Section’ link.  From there you’ll be able to claim the credits by entering the coupon code you have or will receive by email.

Thanks for using and promoting ViralURL. If you’re not a member yet, make sure you join now so you can grab the most complete membership for a very good price!

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3 responses to “Celebrating ViralURL’s 2nd Anniversary!”

  1. James Holmes says:

    Colin –

    Congratulations on your second year anniversary for Viral URL! When placed in perspective of how young this service is you begin to realize how amazing your growth in members has been.

    I personally use Viral URL for all of my link cloaking and I am aware that I have only taken the smallest of steps to fully integrate VIRL URL into my business. Perhaps I willl have to take you up on your special offer and take things to another level.

    Can’t wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeves!


  2. Scott = says:

    colin—viralurl has not been accessible for months!!!!!!!! w hat about those 80,000 people?
    Please advise

  3. Julien says:

    Hello Scott! Thanks for your message. Please contact the ViralUrl Help Desk at http://www.Reply2Frank.com/. Our team will be able to help you resolve your issue.

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