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Starting on October 1st 2008, to celebrate my new blog launching I will be running a monthly contest for Top commentators! The idea here is to build up a nice community of people that want to interact with me and each other, whilst learning about good business and how to succeed with your own online business!

The Idea is very simple, post good comments that are actually relevent and no comment spam and not only can you get a link on my sidebar for being in the top 10 commentators and free exposure, not only can you build up a good reputation with me and amongst everyone else in the community, but you also have a shot at winning some cold, hard, cash!

I will be paying $100 to the person who finishs with the most comments each month! Remember, if your post sucks, it will get deleted, not to mention it will make you look like a fool. So make each post worth reading, enhance your reputation and most of all, get posting! 🙂

80 responses to “Commentating Contest”

  1. Taris J says:

    Hey Colin – great idea!! I regularly check out your blog, and you’ve inspired me to setup my own commentating contest!!! Check it out here

  2. Bingo Live says:

    The Idea is very simple, post good comments that are actually relevant and no comment spam and not only can you get a link on my sidebar for being in the top 10 commentators and free exposure, not only can you build up a good reputation with me and amongst everyone else in the community, but you also have a shot at winning some cold, hard, cash!

  3. Ken Wolff says:

    Hi Colin!
    Glad to be one of the 150 Charter Members. Thanks for the invitation back to your blog and contest. I enjoyed reading through all of the positive comments.
    Ken Wolff

  4. Ed says:

    Hi Colin,

    Well thanks for all the tips and the contest. Wow $100 cold hard cash i’m excited
    to be a part of the contest.

    Want to wish you, and the rest of the blogger’s thats associate here at C/K Blog
    a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.

    Ed 🙂

    Don’t forget To: Protect Your Links…Build Your Links… Profit Instantly…

  5. Jun says:

    Hi Colin,

    Are you restarting this contest? That’s good news! 😀 I got here after doing the testimonial. Seems a very good way of thanking people here Colin…

  6. Linda Corby says:

    Interesting concept. As Jun said will you be continuing with this monthly contest? People appear to have stopped making any comments for some time. I expected to get to the end of the comments and find loads of peoples comment for Feb and there isn’t even one yet, unless I count mine.

    No one commented in January, but had one person made just one comment would they have won for that month? By the wording on the introduction that you used this should be the case, in which case I am actually in the lead for Feb 2009 right at this moment, but I imagine if it is the case loads of people will now start to comment and I wouldn’t be there for long, 🙂 shame.

    I have a number of blogs that range across my numerous interests, some get lots of comment and others don’t, my articles up until I got banned from one particular article site last year for putting in an affiliate link in an article by accident to help someone else were getting around 100,000 comments a day. I can be a little controversial as well, politically that is, have a political blog which basically relates to politics in the area I live, naughty woman I can be, have even done the odd political video and ended up public speaking recorded and being put on line.

    Do you think popular blogs are popular due to the personalities of those producing them or just pot luck?

    Anyway, you have probably concluded that I write novels by now, so signing off before this becomes one,lol.

    Best of luck and all the best for the great work you do, regards, Linda

  7. Libertyed says:

    So where is the free ebook, Unable to down load the copy…


  8. Libertyed says:

    OK, I would like to see good quality content here,
    so I can to make quality comments…?

    Lets get the contest on…!

  9. Ed says:

    Hello Frank & Colin,

    This is very exciting news regarding twitter, a take over bid by the viral networking group.

    Who would have thought, that two internet makinging guru’s such as yourselfs, had the brain’s to take on board Twitter. As a member of twitter and viralurl/viralnetworks, this will be a good opportunity for our team members to get excited by.

    Well Lad’s wish your endevour goes to plan…!

    Tweet me your comments at:

    See ya later…!


  10. Nona Lightner says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the contest! Will do my best to participate!

  11. Ed says:

    Frank & Colin,

    Hopefully, I can win first Prize $100.00

    Lets Rock & Roll…


  12. Ed says:

    Hey, guy’s happy Easter to all in the viralnet-work-group…

    Don’t forget, ya’ll can tweet me here:

  13. Leah says:

    Doesn’t the above confuse anyone? I had to stop and remember we’re not even close to December 4th yet. Is that a European thing — like that yacht at the top of this page? Just

    Here’s some old world wisdom: The person who thinks money CAN DO ANYTHING is the same person who will DO ANYTHING FOR money. Scary thought.

    Even more scary is most, not all, but most jaded and dangerous gangsters with names like ICE, WON’T.

    Have you read Sylvie Fortin’s IM SINS? It was very good and all too true. If you suspected anything, she clears it up and gives you the true meaning and motives behind all the tricks of the trade.

    Boy I hope this is okay, I covered 4 subjects all at once with no clue about the actual subject of this very long column…I’m going to get some sleep now!! I STILL see December 4th –Ahh.

  14. Hi Leah, Currently the commenting contest isnt running anymore.

    Is it something that you would be interested in? If so I might bring it back

  15. Leah says:


    I was commenting on the European date format – it keeps making me stop and think…what date IS that?

    Now I see what this column was and it started last year — that date again looks like January 10, 2008 and then it says 18/10/2008 I’ll get used to it sooner or later.

    The contest is a good idea if it gets people asking questions and moving forward. I need some blinders like they put on horses – at least M-F and then I can look around on the weekends!!

    Thanks for your reply – you’re one of the few “REAL” leaders out there! Keep it up, we need it — at least I hope it’s we and not just me.. Leah

  16. Ed says:

    Thanks for the marketing tips Frank…

  17. Ed says:

    Good Morning viral marketers?

    Whazzzz New?

    Make sure you check out

    and grow your list of follower’s to the 1000’s…!

  18. Ed says:

    Libertyed here again,

    Guy’s & Doll’s make sure you don’t make the same mistake that I did in my last comment.

    When your adding in the url to your twiiter’s follower’s site, (Put in the full url link ) this way
    your twitters list will grow, and you wont miss the opportunity of loosing out on new friends in Twitter…!

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    Hope to meet with you all, and make any comment here on viral network marketing.

    Who knows you might make a friend or 2…!

    Libertyed 🙂

  19. ED says:

    I’m wondering is this a new contest, and when did it start?

    Cause I wanna Win……! Please…..!

    Ed 😉

  20. Hi Ed,

    Currently no it isn’t I stopped running the contest last year. If there is enough interest I might start it up again. What do you think?

  21. ED says:

    What’s the real point of these comments anyway?

  22. well, user interaction… Help build a community around this blog 🙂

  23. aditya says:

    It is a great idea on building a community and simultaneously getting a backlink to your site.

  24. aditya says:

    These backlinks works for google only? Or it works for yahoo and other search engines too?

  25. James Mason says:

    Still doin this huh? Well thats good, for me anyways..heh. BH should be back soon and she just loves to leave comments..tho some have trouble deciphering her spellin’. But she does pretty good for a squirrel!
    Hope things continue well for yuns, I have some articles to get back to, or Debs is gonna get me!
    I had to redo my laptop recently so have to bookmark ya again.
    Have a Blessed Day!

  26. info usaha says:

    thanks Bos,nice money.haha.wisnu from Indonesia,you have fans here!.

  27. Soares says:

    Well as my mom usted to say:

    “To receive we must give”

    With that marketing way you can get comment, visit, recognition because everyone remenbers to visit a blog/website that promotes, give explanations free and also pay money and give a link to our website.


  28. Drubo says:

    Nice offer mate .. its a good idea to make some money with backlinks . thanks 🙂

  29. Ed says:

    Hey Colin, Looking forward in winning this contest….

    Libertyed 🙂

  30. Davis Pel says:

    good blog – cheers

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