How To Acquire Great References

In the current, unstable economic situation the world is faced with, it has never been so important to get and keep a job. If you are fresh out of college or are looking for work, you hopefully have set up a few interviews and all your bases are covered. Your resume is incredibly important and another aspect that many people overlook is great references. References are very important as these enable your potential employer to get in touch with your previous jobs and evaluate whether you will get the position. In this informative article we look at fundamental ways to get the best recommendations and references from your previous work.

How To Get Great Employment References

Do your job to the best of your ability

This is a fine way to get great references for the jobs you did at your previous work. If you did your job to the best of your ability and were a good employee then your references will be favourable. If you have proved that you have a strong work ethic and character in the past, you will find it that much easier to acquire beneficial recommendations and references for potential opportunities.

Do not overuse references

Do not overuse the current references you have. Try and mix up the references sent out in a CV. This in turn will aid you in not hassling your past references and they will also be fresh and unique. Employers and past professors may lead incredibly busy lives and when called upon for a reference, you do not want it to be the 10th call they have gotten that day.  

Appreciate the references given

As previously stated, past employers and professors are busy and have taken the time out of their schedules to either write a reference letter or speak to someone telephonically. It is a good idea to give thanks for their time. This shows them your appreciation and they will more than likely not be dismissive when called but rather will focus their time on giving you the best possible reference.


An incredibly beneficial aspect to take into consideration when writing your list of references is to remember to vary it up. Have a variety of contacts on your reference sheet, this will provide potential employers a varied evaluation of your skills and dynamic offering. If references are given from just one or two people this may seem one sided and will not provide a holistic view of your offering.   

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in business related tips. She has much experience in the business world and in many executive suites.

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  1. richescorner says:

    The best way to cultivate a good reference is to excell at your job. Also, a good attitude and ability to work well with others will go a long ways. You want your employer to appreciate the work you do and be your best advocate.

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