How to Be a Success Online Guaranteed – Being Passionate About Your Website or Blog

If you want to be a success online and make your website or blog into a worldwide hit, then there’s only one secret you need to know and one ‘get rich scheme’ that can work for you – and that is simply to ensure that you are incredibly enthusiastic and excited about your project and feel really passionate about what you do. This is something that will help you in every aspect of your business and has phenomenal power, which we will examine here.

The Site

First of all, if you are passionate about your site, then the website or blog will directly benefit. This is true because it means you will be working much more tirelessly and creating much more content and more design tweaks for your site. If you want your site to be a big hit then it’s crucial you update highly regularly with new content and that you keep doing this for years on end. Now to keep up that kind of work output you need to really care about the content of your site and you need to really have a lot to say about it. This is why you must have a great subject that you really believe in to talk about.

Promotion, Marketing and Networking

At the same time though no blogger is an island, and if you really want your website to thrive then you need to network with the right people, spread work of your site and generally get other people as excited for it as you are. And to do this you once again really need to be excited and enthusiastic for your site because this is something that will be infectious and that will come across when you talk about it. Pitching your website to another site owner who could promote it? Then to be in with any chance of them writing about it you need to be able to convey to them what it is about your project that makes it really stand out and that makes it so great – in other words you need to be truly passionate. Likewise if you want to market your site and get people to visit it, or if you want to create an ad, then you need to know your site and your business inside out and really know its best points and how to sell them. And that means being enthusiastic and really caring about the project once again.


Furthermore if you are really enthusiastic and excited about what you are making then this will mean that you are always thinking about it and that you are living and breathing it – and it’s this kind of total immersion and fascination that will help you to come up with new breakthrough ideas that will help you to propel your site forwards.

In short, if you don’t care about what you’re doing then you really have no business doing it and you are unlikely to be a success. Make sure you are passionate and excited about your site – change the theme if you have to – and you will find that success quickly follows.

Vadim Kirichenko is a webmaster and Google advertising specialist. He has written numerous posts on different aspects of making money online.

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  1. richescorner says:

    The most important thing you can do to be successful blogging is to pick a topic that you are passionate about.  Don’t just blog about blogging or blog about making money online because that’s what everyone else is doing.  Go through your list of hobbies and pick one that you can talk about all day.  Think of the ones that your friends roll their eyes at when you start in on the topic because you’ve talked them to death about it.  Then start a blog about that and write about it in the same way you might talk to your friends about it.

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