How to Rebrand the eBook

This video shows you how to rebrand the ebook so you can add your own affiliate links to it and share it with your subscribers, or even make it available for download on your own blog. This is your chance to giveaway a quality product valued at $47 free! Your subscribers will love this! If you don’t know where to download the package, right click here and click “Save Link As…” You will find the unbranded version of the ebook as well as lots of other useful files (blog posts, email copies, bonuses, etc.). Stay tuned as more free-to-use products will be available on CK Store.

One response to “How to Rebrand the eBook”

  1. stephen says:

    Hi Colin, Thanks for 10 Action Steps to a Successful Online Business. Can you send me a link for the PLR I missed that on the download page.

    Thank you,

    Stephen Smith

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