SEOPressor – Is This The Best SEO Plugin Ever?

There are plenty of different solutions to help you build backlinks to your pages and increase their search engine rankings. However, SEO isn’t only about backlink building… it’s also about on-page optimization. Building backlinks to your pages is great but often not enough if you really want them to rank well (Top 1-5) for high search keywords.

SEO Pressor

On-page optimization is overlooked by too many site and blog owners. I myself overlooked that aspect of SEO for a while but I quickly solved that problem after I purchased SEOPressor a while back. I always wanted to write an SEOPressor Review but never took the time to actually do it… I eventually did so here is my full, honest review of this WordPress plugin by SEO Expert Daniel Tan.

SEOPressor Review

On-page SEO consists of optimizing the pages of your site for the keywords of your choice: optimizing the page titles, headings, body content, images, links… Nothing really complicated if you know what you’re doing, and don’t forget about it. Knowing how to do it is one thing, actually doing is another.

SEOPressor Review – SEOPressor is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that tells you exactly how you can optimize your posts and pages for the search engines. Let’s say you recently submitted a blog post about puppy training and want to optimize it so it ranks well in the search engines for ‘puppy training’. You simply enter the keyword ‘puppy training’ and the plugin will tell you exactly what aspects of on-page optimization you can improve.

SEOPressor will for example tell you if the keyword density is too low or too high, whether or not you should add more headings containg your keyword, remind you to bold, italic and underline your keyword at least once… and many other factors that have an influence in the ranking of your post or page.

SEOPressor Review

Here is an example of an article that was recently published on The Tech Labs. The article is about Microsoft’s new Office 365 project, and of course I want the article to rank well for the keyword ‘Office 365‘. On left is my SEOPressor score before I optimized it, and on the right is my SEOPressor score after I optimized it.

Before After

It took me less than a few minutes to fully optimize this article, and now I know the on-page work is done, I can fully focus on backlink building. I am fairly knowlegeable in both on-page and off-page optimization but without this plugin I would keep forgetting about some aspects of on-page optimization.

With SEOPressor, I am assured that I won’t forget about some important aspects of on-page optimization. If something’s wrong, the plugin will tell me even before I publish the post or page! What I really like is the suggestions that the plugin gives you when your post or page is badly optimized. Even if you don’t know anything about on-page optitmization, with SEOPressor you will learn how you can improve your content.

SEOPressor Review

When I first read ‘A WordPress Plugin That Becomes Mandatory’, I was a little skeptical. My team and I gave it a try and we loved it! There are plenty of plugins that I consider as must-have plugins… but if I only had to choose one, it would definitely be SEOPressor. Bottom line is if you use WordPress and want to optimize your posts and pages, then SEOPressor is a plugin that you need more than anything else! Click here to get it now…

SEOPressor Review
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3 responses to “SEOPressor – Is This The Best SEO Plugin Ever?”

  1. Ileane says:

    SEOPressor has made my life so much easier. I have several guest bloggers on Basic Blog Tips and they are required to log in to the dashboard and use the plugin. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  2. cklinkert says:

    Totally Agree! I use it on some of my other blogs and news sites and it is a great guide for my authors to follow. @Ileane

  3. search engine optimization service says:

    Its really very amazing and much easier to use.

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