Thank You For Following Me on Twitter

Thanks For The Follow

It is great to have you following me and I will be following you back and looking forward to your tweets. Social Media is great and I hope that you choose to read my Tweets and take value from them.

A Free Gift For You

If you place a comment below this video in the comments field, I will send you a Free Ebook to your email address. Really looking forward to having you part of my community and getting to know you.

Thanks once more for the follow, see you on Twitter! 🙂

71 responses to “Thank You For Following Me on Twitter”

  1. John Magilke says:

    Hey great to touch bases. Look forward to your tweets.

    In Optimum Health,

  2. Hull Seo says:

    Nice Nav on the right how did you get it to float?

  3. Ukhra says:

    thnks for the gift .. 😀

  4. pete says:

    hi thanks for the free gift i am new to this trying to make money on the internet and i could do with some help with gdi if possible many thanks

  5. Kasian2009 says:

    I am happy following you , thanks

  6. Terah Logan says:

    Hi – thanks for the gift! Nice website.

  7. Hi Terah,

    Thank you, welcome to my community. 🙂

  8. Hi Colin,
    I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised. Thank You.
    Be Blessed,
    Sister Hinton

  9. Thank you Sister Hinton.

    It is wonderful to have you as part of my community. Hope that you enjoy and get some good information out of the ebook. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. sheireensim says:

    Colin, happy to learn from you! I found that internet marketing is a very interesting subject that I will keep learning and explore until I success in this field! Thanks for your ideas, sharing and everything!!!

  11. HerdionCahyo Bid Directory says:

    thanks., i hope you follow me back

  12. Thank you Colin,

    I had to have a giggle at you trying to speak above “traffic” on the highway. At least getting “traffic” online isn’t quite so noisy!!

    Be Blessed Colin and enjoy your fast Cars. All I want is a home that I own but being almost 73 now, I guess it might be somewhat of a pipe dream since I don’t as yet have even a small list. I’m trying and doing things correctly, but it takes time to get all the “ducks” in a row, not fast cars. 🙂

    Danella Rutherford.

  13. Hello Danella,

    Yes the traffic noise was very frustrating 🙂 – I like your analogy. Online marketing can be quite loud too with ‘experts’ pulling you left and right.

    I see you have a personal blog. Please keep blogging, make interesting new posts as you experience or think of them. It is wonderful that you are willing to share your experiences with the world.

    Another thing to note is, you can make money online in any niche, doesn’t have to be the ‘make money online’ niche 🙂 Maybe writing reviews of some product on amazon that you have used and found helpful etc. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Eelco ter Borg says:

    Thanks Colin, hope you follow me back!

  15. Nic Oliver says:

    Boys and their toys!

    Have fun with those cars and the hairpins of Monte Carlo!



  16. Nic Oliver says:

    Oh and yes please for the Ebook!

  17. Juddystar says:

    Hey, Colin very cool and love the site!

  18. RazanAbujaber says:

    The video sure made me want to follow u on twitter 🙂

  19. LaurieLaBelle says:

    Thanks for the video Colin. Lots to think about!

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