Bonuses and Affiliate Marketing

Offer Bonuses When Promoting a Product

One of the best ways to get sales in affiliate marketing is to develop an attractive bonus offer.  If a customer is thinking about buying a product, they will usually search around and try to find the best deal possible.  This is a great opportunity for all affiliate marketers, as you will have people searching for specific keywords and terms, and they will be looking into the deeper pages of search results instead of just the first one or two.  If your bonus is attractive enough, you will get the sale.

So how do you create a good bonus?  There is one main rule:  if your bonus is not good enough to sell as an individual product, then it is not a good bonus.  People look for worthwhile bonus offers, not a group of cheap ebooks that are free, often PLR products, that are often totally unrelated to the product on sale.

Good ideas for bonuses can usually be found in the product itself.  Are you marketing a software program?  If so, then providing instruction about using that program, support on the software, or extra content to be utilized by that program are good routes to try.

For instance, if you’re marketing an SEO Guidebook, a good idea would be to create a few websites that follow the instructions in the book.  Include all relevant files as well as traffic data as a bonus.  That way your customers will see concrete examples of the abstract principles discussed in the book.

Affiliate marketing is a great equalizer.  Everybody starts with the same product and information.  The amount of profit that you generate is completely dependent on how much extra work you are willing to put into it.  Creating a good bonus offer is not an easy process, but once it is complete, you will reap the benefits when the sales start rolling in.

The Sort of Bonuses I Offer

When we promote a product that we think will really help our member base, we offer ‘credits’ to viralurl members, or ‘Guaranteed Visitors’. These are two products in our membership site: Viralurl that we sell every day to members. They convert well and get members good results, so it is a bonus of real value. We sometimes even offer Bonuses to the same value of the product, so it is almost like them getting the product free.

To see offers that we put out with bonuses attached, we have posted a few on our blog, you can see them in this section here: Simply scroll down to see them all

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