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Earlier this year I went to San Diego, CA for a conference where I met Robert Stanley, founder of Internet Street Fighter. Yesterday Robert released a great, free report called Offline vs. Affiliate Marketing. This report was a real eye opener for me. I do all my business online but it has convinced me that there is more for the taking in the offline-to-online world. There is a lof of money to make in offline marketing!

Robert will give you this free report AND free software in exchange for your email address. I strongly suggest you to use your primary email address as his content is awesome, it’s well worth it! Please click the image below:

Offline vs. Affiliate Marketing

Download NOW!

Robert really is a sharp marketer (I’m really glad I had the chance to meet him) and I strongly recommend you to download his report. Today you get a free report, and tomorrow you will get a free domain finding software to help you get started. I don’t know for how long the report is going to be available online so make sure you download it now! Don’t miss out on this report! A real eye opener!

Download Offline vs. Affiliate Free Report NOW!

ViralUrl Now Integrated Into TweetGlide!

You’ve certainly heard of Mike Filsaime’s TweetGlide already. It was launched a few months ago and has rapidly become one of the most used Twitter apps in the internet marketing and home business industry. Well, soon after launch we got Mike and his team to add ViralUrl to the list of URL shorteners that the application provides.

For those who don’t know what TweetGlide is, here is a short introduction: Designed in a similar fashion to the popular TweetDeck, TweetGlide is a Twitter desktop app that makes tweeting even easier and brings more advanced features (like sponsored tweets) to make the most of this very powerful social networking and micro blogging platform. TweetGlide is currently available on PC, Mac and soon on iPhone.

To shorten your links on TweetGlide with ViralUrl, you simply have to select ViralUrl in the drop-down menu on the TweetGlide dashboard, enter your ViralUrl username and password and… that’s it! The links you tweet will automatically be shortened with ViralUrl. If you can’t find ViralUrl in the list, you may want to update your version of TweetGlide.

This is truly a great addition as it will help you build your downline with no effort from your part. As a reminder, your ViralUrl affiliate link shows up on the landing page of every shortened link you may create with the system. You also get a greater chance to earn commissions but that’s just another of the advantages of using ViralUrl with TweetGlide.

If you aren’t using any of these tools yet, you may join ViralUrl and download TweetGlide now. Both tools are free to use so make sure you give them a try before you realize what you’re missing out on!

Viral Marketing Webinar for MLSP Members and Guests

Today I’m glad to announce that I will be participating in this week’s MLM Lead System Pro Webinar. I will be joining top internet marketers Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer and the rest of their team for what I’m sure will be a great occasion for you to learn more about viral marketing as well as how to make the most of ViralUrl and ViralHosts.

$0.10 Per Lead, Host Your WordPress Blogs + Additional Income Stream?

Wednesday, November 11th!

6:30PM Eastern
5:30PM Central
4:30PM Mountain
3:30PM Pacific

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I strongly recommend you to attend this webinar. If you can’t make it, don’t worry too much, it’s going to be recorded. If you haven’t heard about MLM Lead System Pro yet (which is very doubtful – this attraction marketing system is a real hit!), make sure you check it out. It’s a must-have! Period.

We’re really glad the guys at MLM Lead System Pro agree with us on the importance of having a site or blog for anyone who wants to make money online. That’s why Frank, Tycho (my business partners) and I have created ViralHosts, an all-in-one web hosting, traffic generation, list building and mailing system. ViralHosts is ideal for internet marketers and alike because it provides them with highly important, tangible requirements to their success.

I hope you can make it! Make sure you register before it sells out!

Update: The webinar video is now available!

9 Reasons to Join ViralHosts

A few days ago we asked some of our most active ViralHosts members why they find the system so valuable. It’s always good to know what actual members think of its strengths and benefits. For those who don’t know what ViralHosts is, we define it as an all-in-one web hosting, traffic generation, list building and mailing system targeted at internet marketers and alike. Here is a compilation of the answers we got:

1 ) ViralHosts is free to join. Even if the real value of the system is in the upgraded memberships, being able to try the system before you purchase is definitely a plus. Even if you miss out on the one-time offer, you can upgrade very easily inside the member area. All memberships are great value.

2 ) ViralHosts provides marketer-friendly, reliable web hosting to anyone who joins. Hosting is a highly important, tangible requirement to anyone’s online success. If you want to be successful on the web, you must have a website. This is non-negotiable! Do you know any internet marketer who hasn’t got a website or a blog?

3 ) The hosting section is based on cPanel, which is one of the most popular hosting panels in the world. The support is great and as an upgraded member you also have access to an auto-installer system for WordPress and lots of other scripts as well as not one but two website builders with more than 900 templates. With ViralHosts, setting up a website or blog is just a matter of minutes!

4 ) By referring other members you not only have the opportunity to make some cash but also build a downline from 5 to 7 levels deep and email it every 5 to 7 days. The money is in the list, they say… Well, here is a great opportunity to build your own list almost on auto-pilot and increase your online income.

5 ) You earn cash when your referrals decide to upgrade. ViralHosts has a high commission structure that allows you to earn recurring commissions and make some extra cash. The system also pays you from 5 to 20 cents per thousand page views on your website or blog and from 5 to 20 cents per thousand from all your referrals.

6 ) If you are an upgraded member, you can email from 3,000 to 6,000 random members every 3 days! That’s 30,000 to 60,000 emails sent per month! Keep in mind that most ViralHosts members are internet marketers and alike so think of all the qualified leads you could have! You can be in profit with only one sale.

7 ) You can generate traffic to your website or blog with the text and banner ads. You simply have to purchase credits and design your ads. There are lots of different ways to generate traffic with ViralHosts… and it’s cheap and super easy! ViralHosts has the potential to become your ultimate traffic generation tool.

8 ) Even if you already have a website or a blog, the web hosting section remains valuable because you can easily get quality backlinks. You know how important inbound links are to search engines. They will help your website or blog rank better in search engines and build a strong, durable online presence.

9 ) The overall value of the system is far worth the price, especially if you get your hands on the one-time offer. For only $197 per year you get quality web hosting, a traffic generation tool, a downline builder and most importantly a system mailer that allows you to send 30,000 emails per month! That’s 53 cents per day, and you can send 360,000 emails in a year (plus all the people in your downline)!

As you can see, and we’re glad to have this feedback from our members, ViralHosts is truly a powerful web service. As an internet marketer, affiliate manager or network marketer, you must be nuts to miss out on this system! If you haven’t joined yet, register now and take full advantages of all the features and benefits.

Can you think of any other strength or benefit?

Finding Good Joint Venture (JV) Partners

Finding good JV Partners for your online product is not as easy as you may think. You want to make sure that you find the right persons who will promote your product the best possible way. Whatever your product is: an ebook, a software, a membership site… you should put a decent effort into searching for good JV Partners as they could have a decisive influence on the overall success of your product. Some internet marketers are just so good at promoting online products and services. You don’t want to miss out on these big shots because they can boost your online revenues in no time.

Finding JV Partners

By good JV Partners we mean partners who will actually promote your product, on the long-term (and not just as a one-off). Just don’t pick people randomly, but make sure they would be interested in promoting your product and actually be able to do it well. It’s even better if they have promoted a similar product in the past, or if they have a product or service that is complementary with yours.

Here are some of the techniques we use to find good JV Partners:

– Your existing contacts

If you’re a well-established internet marketer, you certainly already have a list of contacts. Who do you think would be able to promote your product the way you want it? Write a nice email and send it to them. Don’t forget to mention how much money they would earn on each referral. If you’re totally new to the industry, try the next technique.

– Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is simply the best internet marketing forum you can find on the web (no offense to other forums). Check out their ‘Warrior Joint Ventures’ section or simply search for products that you think would fit with yours and contact their creators.

– Google

Simply search for products that you think would be complementary with your own product, and contact the site admins. You need to send them a nice, customized email. Don’t just blast them with a generic email that will not stand out from the other JV inquiries. Ensure that the sites have a decent Alexa ranking, so you are sure that they actually have traffic.

– Referral contests

Several sites organize referral contests (like we do on ViralUrl and ViralHosts). If you can check the contest rankings, you can see who are the best at promoting the product and thus quite likely to promote your own product the best possible way. The best promoters like to do it their way, but make sure you offer your JV Partners promotional tools so they can blast their list or put banners on their site with only little effort.

– Directories and networks

There are several directories and networks where you will be able to make a JV offer for your product. Mike Filsaime’s JV Network is one of them, but there are several other ones. Browse around and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

– Social networks

Just tweet about it! Or whatever your favorite social network are, just let people know that you are searching for JV Partners. That’s a really cool way to interact with potential JV Partners but you then have to decide whether or not they qualify.

There are of course several other ways to find good JV partners for your product. Feel free to share your own techniques with us! We would love to hear from you.

7 Reasons To Cloak Your Link With ViralURL

Building a list is considered to be required to make money online, as you build your contacts, you build their trust and then you market them relevant and helpful products that will solve a need or desire they might have.

With Viralurl you don’t only build a list on Autopilot but you can also profit and build an ongoing income at the same time. In this post I will have a look at the 7 main reasons why you should cloak EVERY link you share with Viralurl:

1) It’s Super Easy! – Once you have a Viralurl account, cloaking links becomes a ‘2 click’ walk in the park with the use of our very cool ViralPlugin for FireFox.

2) You can make the links short, which makes them easy to share and nicer to click on.

3) You can track the ‘click stats’ on your links and also the referrer stats, so you can see what source your clicks come from

4) You can protect your affiliate links if you are promoting products and in the process increase your sales by up to 300%!

5) Build a list on Auto-Pilot that you can mail down 5 levels (7 if you are a Viralurl gold member) each week.

6) Earn up to $1 for every member that joins Viralurl from your link. We run a promotion that for 5 days a month we pay up to $1 per referral you send that joins Viralurl, even if they don’t pay us a cent! So basically we are paying you to build your list!

7) Open up a new revenue stream! Viralurl converts at around 6% from free to upgraded members, and you can earn up to 60% in referral commissions. This means if you are a gold member, and earn $98 per year on the One Time Offer upgrades, maths suggests you will earn over $500 for every 100 total referrals you make. That is over $5 per member, even if they don’t upgrade. (not including the $1 promotional offers we run)

Interesting to note is that we offer yearly or monthly memberships, meaning as a referer you will get paid over and over from the same referral for the life of the site, or until they cancel their upgraded membership! This allows you to build a solid, ongoing income from referrals you send to Viralurl

Bonus Reason 8) We are currently, and often, hold contests where we award cash and prizes to members promoting and using Viralurl. Currently we are running a contest for the top promoters, which at time of writing is still anyone’s game, AND also viralurl’s top users. So cloaking all your links with Viralurl can even win you prizes and cash!

Remember, as you cloak links and get them out there into ‘internet cyberspace’ they can bring you referrals for years to come! So for the SAME amount of effort as highlighting a link and clicking ‘right click’, then ‘copy’ and then ‘paste’ you can just as easily use ViralPlugin along with Viralurl to unlock amazing leverage and possibilities!

With great power comes great responsibility so please… No Spamming, play by the rules, but get out there and make some money with the power of Viralurl!

Colin Klinkert
Bonuses and Affiliate Marketing

Offer Bonuses When Promoting a Product

One of the best ways to get sales in affiliate marketing is to develop an attractive bonus offer.  If a customer is thinking about buying a product, they will usually search around and try to find the best deal possible.  This is a great opportunity for all affiliate marketers, as you will have people searching for specific keywords and terms, and they will be looking into the deeper pages of search results instead of just the first one or two.  If your bonus is attractive enough, you will get the sale.

So how do you create a good bonus?  There is one main rule:  if your bonus is not good enough to sell as an individual product, then it is not a good bonus.  People look for worthwhile bonus offers, not a group of cheap ebooks that are free, often PLR products, that are often totally unrelated to the product on sale.

Good ideas for bonuses can usually be found in the product itself.  Are you marketing a software program?  If so, then providing instruction about using that program, support on the software, or extra content to be utilized by that program are good routes to try.

For instance, if you’re marketing an SEO Guidebook, a good idea would be to create a few websites that follow the instructions in the book.  Include all relevant files as well as traffic data as a bonus.  That way your customers will see concrete examples of the abstract principles discussed in the book.

Affiliate marketing is a great equalizer.  Everybody starts with the same product and information.  The amount of profit that you generate is completely dependent on how much extra work you are willing to put into it.  Creating a good bonus offer is not an easy process, but once it is complete, you will reap the benefits when the sales start rolling in.

The Sort of Bonuses I Offer

When we promote a product that we think will really help our member base, we offer ‘credits’ to viralurl members, or ‘Guaranteed Visitors’. These are two products in our membership site: Viralurl that we sell every day to members. They convert well and get members good results, so it is a bonus of real value. We sometimes even offer Bonuses to the same value of the product, so it is almost like them getting the product free.

To see offers that we put out with bonuses attached, we have posted a few on our blog, you can see them in this section here: Simply scroll down to see them all

Colin Klinkert Is on ViralNetworks… You Can See His Profile & Contact Him Here:

Colin Klinkert