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About week ago I participated in an MLM Lead System Pro webinar along with my VP of Operations Julien Duc and Top Network Marketer Brian Fanale (co-owner of MLSP). Unfortunately, a few MLSP Members missed out because the webinar was at 6.30pm instead of 9.30pm (Eastern) but the video call was recorded and is now made  available to anyone:

>>> MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video <<<

If you were unable to make it last week and want to learn more about ViralUrl and ViralHosts, make sure you check out the video. It’s about an hour long but is full of useful information: features and benefits, how to get started, testimonials, questions and answers… We got a couple of very good testimonials that we’re really happy about. If you want to download the MP3 file, head to the MLM Lead System Pro archive section (you need to be logged in to access this page).

I hope you enjoy it!

Update: A new webinar video about ViralUrl is now available. Make sure you check it out! Both videos are also available on ViralNetworks:
MLSP Webinar – ViralUrl & ViralHosts
MLSP Webinar – Supercharging ViralUrl

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Is Google Wave the Next-Gen Marketing Tool?

Early this week I was invited to join the preview version of Google Wave. There’s been a lot of hype over this new communication and collaboration tool. My VP of Operations and I were able to give it a try over the last few days and even if we aren’t very impressed, we both believe that this new tool has great potential. Google Wave was designed to merge emails and instant messages, along with other forms of communication such as wikis and social networks… but truly, you can use it the way you want.

With Google Wave you don’t send emails to recipients but share waves with collaborators. You can of course add links, but also polls, photos, videos and lots of other different types of file as you can see on the two screenshots above. You can drag waves around, embed them in blogs and sites and even play them back so you get an idea of who said what when. Google plans to release most of the source code as open source, which is great news as web developers will thus be able to create applications and extensions.

Even if Google Wave is still in development and it’s a little too early to tell if this is going to become the next-gen marketing tool, it looks very promising. Google Wave allows you to communicate not only with your friends and colleagues, but also with your customers. It may indeed open new doors to marketers as it allows to share content such as product photo, videos, ratings and testimonials… and almost anything else you could think of. Any business could even invite their customers to join Google Wave for customer support or product development.

If you haven’t received an invitation to join the preview version of Google Wave yet, make sure you ask for an invitation around you or request an invitation from Google. Worse, if you don’t know anything about Google Wave, check out the following video:

Highly Recommended Traffic Tool

This week I want to tell you about a new traffic site that is just launching. It’s called
Perfect Traffic Storm and is run by longtime business partners of mine: Todd Gross and Mark Lareau. Todd and Mark have done a great job again. I’m really impressed! Perfect Traffic Storm will help you boost your web traffic and get your promotions in front of more qualified visitors, guaranteed.

Make sure you get your hands on the early bird bonuses before they expire. It just went live and if you hurry you might still be able to get a fast action bonus. It took them over 2 years to develop this unique traffic site which focuses on conversions rather than just hits and visits. I’m talking signups and sales here… in other words: cash! Here is a great opportunity to speed up your online income in no time.

I highly recommend Perfect Traffic Storm to anyone who’s after targeted traffic that converts (almost everyone, right?). The system is pretty ingenious, make sure you check out all the features and benefits and join before the bonuses are all gone!

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Finding Good Joint Venture (JV) Partners

Finding good JV Partners for your online product is not as easy as you may think. You want to make sure that you find the right persons who will promote your product the best possible way. Whatever your product is: an ebook, a software, a membership site… you should put a decent effort into searching for good JV Partners as they could have a decisive influence on the overall success of your product. Some internet marketers are just so good at promoting online products and services. You don’t want to miss out on these big shots because they can boost your online revenues in no time.

Finding JV Partners

By good JV Partners we mean partners who will actually promote your product, on the long-term (and not just as a one-off). Just don’t pick people randomly, but make sure they would be interested in promoting your product and actually be able to do it well. It’s even better if they have promoted a similar product in the past, or if they have a product or service that is complementary with yours.

Here are some of the techniques we use to find good JV Partners:

– Your existing contacts

If you’re a well-established internet marketer, you certainly already have a list of contacts. Who do you think would be able to promote your product the way you want it? Write a nice email and send it to them. Don’t forget to mention how much money they would earn on each referral. If you’re totally new to the industry, try the next technique.

– Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is simply the best internet marketing forum you can find on the web (no offense to other forums). Check out their ‘Warrior Joint Ventures’ section or simply search for products that you think would fit with yours and contact their creators.

– Google

Simply search for products that you think would be complementary with your own product, and contact the site admins. You need to send them a nice, customized email. Don’t just blast them with a generic email that will not stand out from the other JV inquiries. Ensure that the sites have a decent Alexa ranking, so you are sure that they actually have traffic.

– Referral contests

Several sites organize referral contests (like we do on ViralUrl and ViralHosts). If you can check the contest rankings, you can see who are the best at promoting the product and thus quite likely to promote your own product the best possible way. The best promoters like to do it their way, but make sure you offer your JV Partners promotional tools so they can blast their list or put banners on their site with only little effort.

– Directories and networks

There are several directories and networks where you will be able to make a JV offer for your product. Mike Filsaime’s JV Network is one of them, but there are several other ones. Browse around and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

– Social networks

Just tweet about it! Or whatever your favorite social network are, just let people know that you are searching for JV Partners. That’s a really cool way to interact with potential JV Partners but you then have to decide whether or not they qualify.

There are of course several other ways to find good JV partners for your product. Feel free to share your own techniques with us! We would love to hear from you.

Coming To A TV Near You: Adobe Flash

Adobe is well known for its photo and video editing software, but its most widely used product is a freebie used by millions of people: Flash technology. It is the technology working behind the scenes on many websites and web servers that allows users to enjoy video online.

As reported in the New York Times, Adobe is to announce that Flash is being extended to the TV screen at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO, expects TVs and set top boxes supporting the Flash format to be on the US market later in 2009. The top benefit of Flash technology coming to the TV screen is that users will be able to watch the same videos on the PC, phones and TV screens.

Disney CTO Bud Albers said in a statement that his company is one of the backers of Flash on the TV, stating “Coming generations of consumers clearly expect to get their content wherever they want on it, on any device, when they want it. This gets us where we want to go.”

Thanks in part to Flash, Adobe is reporting impressive profit figures. It makes money by selling software that allows media creators to build Flash applications and video. Flash is installed on 98% of all computers and 80% of web videos are viewed using Flash technology. In 2008 Adobe reported income of $871.8 million on revenue of $3.6 billion.

Never one to give ground on any of its related markets, Microsoft is pushing a Flash alternative called Silverlight which it claims has better support for HD 1080p video content. Microsoft states that HD capability is vital in a form format that is to be standard for video on TV. Microsoft’s Brad Becker (a former Adobe executive) said, “I can’t imagine what could be more important on a television than high video quality.”

There’s not been a real competitor to Adobe for ages – Microsoft could just start bridging the gap between the PC and the TV more effectively.

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Lead Generation Business – Dr Mike and Koz

48 second Video Intro to this post can be seen here:

Dr Mike Woo-Ming and Brian “Koz” Kosobucki have together developed an interesting lead generation software package, that they unveiled at the World Internet Summit in Australia this month.

Dr Mike has for years now been teaching people about the power of lead generation for internet marketing. There are thousands of businesses both online and offline who will pay for new leads, and some will pay thousands (think ‘real estate agents’).

Koz has made a living with niche sites and coupon marketing and has used some unconventional methods of traffic and lead generation. In fact he had developed a system of lead generation that didn’t even require you to have a website. When Dr Mike heard about this, he got on board and together have developed some (expensive – around $USD3,500) software that will generate leads in just about every niche.

By entering in keywords (e.g. baby strollers) and city (e.g. San Francisco), the software delivers the user a list of people who have entered search queries for the keyword. But that’s not all it delivers. It also gives you a transcription of their inquiry and their email address. The premise is that by ‘replying’ to their query with a product for sale you are not spamming. I think the jury will be out on this for a while though.

For big ticket items, like real estate sales, the potential is huge. Being able to provide a Realtor in Santa Monica with a list of everyone who has recently searched for a home in that town, could be worth a LOT of money.

On investigation, it seems that much of the data the system gathers comes from sites like Craigslist, though I’m not sure whether it is with the site’s permission or not. Also, the areas that the software covers is still limited, although the US seems to be very well catered for.

If setting up a lead generation business appeals to you, then this Lead Evolution product could be worth investigating. As the jury is still out on this software in terms of it’s ethical situation, you will see I am not using an affiliate link to the site, it is a direct link for your informational purpose only.

If you are promoting a product in the Internet Marketing niche, a site that allows you to market to 100% double optin, hungry buyers is Frank and My membership site: Viralurl Dot Com

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Do You Use Information That You Purchase?

So my new purchase arrived today. I buy most of the ‘big ticket’ courses that are made, I go through some of them, but many sit and collect dust.

Some courses I did go through and found great success with are 7FigureCode and also ButterflyMarketingManuscript (Can get it free now, click to find out more) so it is time for me to set aside an hour a day to start going through all the other courses I haven’t used yet, starting with stomper. I will review it later once i have gone through it.


Do you make use of and take notes on info products that you buy?

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