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Dr Mike Woo-Ming and Brian “Koz” Kosobucki have together developed an interesting lead generation software package, that they unveiled at the World Internet Summit in Australia this month.

Dr Mike has for years now been teaching people about the power of lead generation for internet marketing. There are thousands of businesses both online and offline who will pay for new leads, and some will pay thousands (think ‘real estate agents’).

Koz has made a living with niche sites and coupon marketing and has used some unconventional methods of traffic and lead generation. In fact he had developed a system of lead generation that didn’t even require you to have a website. When Dr Mike heard about this, he got on board and together have developed some (expensive – around $USD3,500) software that will generate leads in just about every niche.

By entering in keywords (e.g. baby strollers) and city (e.g. San Francisco), the software delivers the user a list of people who have entered search queries for the keyword. But that’s not all it delivers. It also gives you a transcription of their inquiry and their email address. The premise is that by ‘replying’ to their query with a product for sale you are not spamming. I think the jury will be out on this for a while though.

For big ticket items, like real estate sales, the potential is huge. Being able to provide a Realtor in Santa Monica with a list of everyone who has recently searched for a home in that town, could be worth a LOT of money.

On investigation, it seems that much of the data the system gathers comes from sites like Craigslist, though I’m not sure whether it is with the site’s permission or not. Also, the areas that the software covers is still limited, although the US seems to be very well catered for.

If setting up a lead generation business appeals to you, then this Lead Evolution product could be worth investigating. As the jury is still out on this software in terms of it’s ethical situation, you will see I am not using an affiliate link to the site, it is a direct link for your informational purpose only.

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8 responses to “Lead Generation Business – Dr Mike and Koz”

  1. Chic says:

    Just browsing by. Quite interesting. How does it build list all in one?

  2. You mean Viralurl? It builds your list as well as cloaks your links (protects your affiliate commissions) and also opens another income stream… all with the one action. That is, entering in your website and promoting the new link it outputs instead.

  3. Chic says:

    I can easily find the creators’ names and actually can choose not to buy it off the referral, by searching for the source or someone else right? So how does it protect affiliate commission. Thanks for your kind explanation.

  4. Well Viralurl when cloaking links blocks out the link even if you right click and click on ‘view source’ most other cloakers don’t do that..

    It is possible to search for the product by name, find their direct site, see if you can access their affiliate program for yourself, clear cookies and then use that, but most people don’t bother if its not easy to do.

    If they can see your ref id in the url, many will chop it off, as they might think if they join directly they will get better support etc. but if it is harder to do then that, it saves a lot of sales

  5. Chic says:

    Thanks. My inmail sent me to the site where I could find your name at the end. So I just went searching for more information and arrived here on your blog. I am one of those who will bother to do it because:

    1. I hate spam
    2. When I asked the referrer if he had tried your product, I got no response
    3. I go for nothing less than the real deal.

    I think transparent marketing discussions is always missing when it comes affiliate marketing. You are able to discuss everything out in the open with no strings attached. It gives me a good feeling about your company and vision.

    First step, yes I am in. I am totally new to this business and somewhat hopeless with all the jargons. Viralurl is not something you want to stash away in your computer hard disk like a toolkit. If you are a bargain hunter, this is a great deal even at the basic level. Even if you have found no one to join as your downline, there is so many ready plug and play tools. I don’t know, it feels walking into a vending machine….just go sign up and you’ll see. The way you guys do it, it reminds me of an orange juice advertisement, “If you want any fresher, do it yourself.” The free Viralurl.com is so easy to use, plug and play. 23 promotional tools mean 23 different ways of promoting the free version.

    Hey did I hear you guys are proposing to get into twitter.com! Awesome….best of luck. I should be writing a review from a viewpoint of a newbie.

  6. Alan says:

    Hi Colin,

    re lead generation software package — do you think it could generate a reasonable number of leads only from Australia?

    Please let me know.



  7. Hi Alan,

    I actually haven’t used it before so was just writing based on what I have heard, but yes I think it will work for Aussie only. Please open a ticket with them for a more reliable answer. 🙂 Thanks for commenting

  8. Kerry says:

    I saw a presentation about this software, in Australia, and while the developers said it could provide leads for Australia, they weren’t very forthcoming in demonstrating this. They showed a few searches for the US, and admitted that the best coverage was there. The package cost around $AU4000 from memory. As Colin suggests, perhaps contacting them with very specific questions will get you the answers you need.

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