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About week ago I participated in an MLM Lead System Pro webinar along with my VP of Operations Julien Duc and Top Network Marketer Brian Fanale (co-owner of MLSP). Unfortunately, a few MLSP Members missed out because the webinar was at 6.30pm instead of 9.30pm (Eastern) but the video call was recorded and is now madeĀ  available to anyone:

>>> MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video <<<

If you were unable to make it last week and want to learn more about ViralUrl and ViralHosts, make sure you check out the video. It’s about an hour long but is full of useful information: features and benefits, how to get started, testimonials, questions and answers… We got a couple of very good testimonials that we’re really happy about. If you want to download the MP3 file, head to the MLM Lead System Pro archive section (you need to be logged in to access this page).

I hope you enjoy it!

Update: A new webinar video about ViralUrl is now available. Make sure you check it out! Both videos are also available on ViralNetworks:
MLSP Webinar – ViralUrl & ViralHosts
MLSP Webinar – Supercharging ViralUrl

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2 responses to “MLSP Webinar Video – ViralUrl & ViralHosts”

  1. James Holmes says:

    Colin – Excellent webinar and valuable content. Brain and Norbert have really put together a powerful platform for network marketers to systematize a customizable sales funnel and provide a training platform for their team members that want to recruit online – most MLM companies do not offer this type of training.

    The one key recommendation I would have as a MLSP member is to invest the time to replace the standard videos with videos branding YOU. Then leverage the live weekly webinars they promote and build your list. Use Viral URL to announce upcoming webinars and promote the affiliate programs within the MLSP funnel.

    Awesome stuff!


  2. James thats a great idea…

    Its fine to invite cold prospects to a value adding free call, and then let the experts do the converting for you…. and yes, they do offer a LOT of content and support, one of the reasons we have integrated them into ViralURL

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