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ArticleRanksArticle marketing is a very popular marketing method for several reasons: it’s affordable, cost-effective and it works. Articles are a great way to build backlinks and drive traffic to your pages but if you don’t have the tools to spin and distribute your articles, things can get a little complicated. I am a member of a few sites that allow me to submit articles to their blog network, and one of them is ArticleRanks. Here is my full, honest review of this blog network by the DigitalConnectedMedia Group.

Blog Network: ArticleRanks

ArticleRanks is a blog network that allows you to submit articles all over the Web. The concept is rather simple: you submit an article, and the system submits it to the blogs in the network. There is of course a filtering process, so if your article is about dog training, it will not be submitted to marketing-related blogs. The ArticleRanks network is full of blogs on different IP addresses, which makes it a high quality blog network unlike some other solutions that have all their blogs on the same range of IP addresses.

What I really liked when I first signed in is the way the site looks. ArticleRanks is very well designed and even if this doesn’t matter much in the end, I find it very pleasant to navigate through the site. More than just looking good, the site is also very user-friendly.

Submitting an article to ArticleRanks is very easy, and even if you’re completely new at article marketing, everything is done to make it simple for you. As an advanced user, I like to paste my articles directly from The Best Spinner. I generate sentence variations and paste them in my article: {Sentence 1 Version A|Sentence 1 Version B|Sentence 1 Version C} {Sentence 2 Version A|Sentence 2 Version B|Sentence 2 Version C} etc. That’s my way to do it, but if you’re not familiar with spinning, ArticleRanks helps you do it the ‘easy’ way.

Blog Network
Screenshot 1: Submitting an article

After pasting your article, ArticleRanks asks you to spin the sentences. If you click on a sentence, some blank fields appear and you can fill them in with sentence variations, so the article is spun and looks more unique: for a higher acceptance rate and better quality backlinks. The more unique your article is, the more distributed it will be.

Screenshot 2: Spinning sentences

This is the beginner’s way to do it. It works great but is a little time-consuming. As mentioned above, I like to do it directly from the submission page with the sentences I generated with The Best Spinner. In all honesty, it doesn’t take my staff more than 7-8 minutes to submit an article to ArticleRanks. It’s dead simple, and from what I see in Google… it works! If you don’t want to invest in The Best Spinner nor spin your articles yourself, you can get a professional to do it for you at Green Light Articles.

Blog Network: ArticleRanks

ArticleRanks also allows you to post a message (with your links in it) for Facebook and Twitter. The submission process is very simple, and once submitted, the message is posted to other people’s Facebook and Twitter pages. That’s a way for them to earn credits, and for you to go social and get more backlinks.

Screenshot 3: Submitting  a Facebook / Twitter message

Another great feature is the statistics. ArticleRanks offers advanced statistics on your article distribution: how many were distributed, how many were accepted, how many were rejected, etc. I find this feature very useful because if something is wrong with one of your articles, you will find out about it very quickly by checking the statistics.

Screenshot 4: Statistics

As you can see my articles were published over 13,000 times… Imagine what sort of effect this could have on your own rankings! I managed to rank some of my pages in Google’s Top 3 for high search keywords and I’m 100% positive that ArticleRanks played a major part in this achievement!

Pricing Plans

You can sign up to ArticleRanks as a Free Member but you will have to either buy or earn credits in order to be able to submit articles to the blog network. You can use 5 different domains in your articles. This is great if you want to see how ArticleRanks looks like but definitely not the best option for the long term.

With the Starter Package you can submit an unlimited number of articles for no extra cost. You can use 10 different domains in your articles, which is great if you don’t have a lot of different domains to link to. Otherwise the best option is the Pro Package.

With the Pro package you can not only submit an unlimited number of articles for no extra cost, but you can also use an unlimited number of domains in your articles, which is great if you have lots of different sites to promote. With the Pro Package you also get some other benefits including the possibility to submit your articles to more categories for no extra cost.

Click here to see the membership comparison… As mentioned above I think the best option is the Pro Package. If like me you have a lot of sites that you want to promote, the Pro Package is by far the best choice you can make.

Blog Network: ArticleRanks

Overall, I think ArticleRanks is the best blog network in my ‘collection’ of blog networks. The only downside is that you can’t see the output of your submissions, unless of course you spend some time analyzing your backlinks. I did it a few times and found several of the articles I submitted. They were all well formatted and with dofollow backlinks to my pages. As previously mentioned I saw some very good progress with my rankings after I started using ArticleRanks. I know there are other factors but it definitely has a positive effect!

For me, ArticleRanks is a must-have. Some of you might find the Pro Package a little pricy, but I honestly think it’s well worth the money. If you have a restricted budget, the combination of The Best Spinner and ArticleRanks is definitely your best choice.

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