Is Diversification good in online business?

One of the things that you will see a lot of on the internet are people who have managed to build up businesses that are now making them six and seven figure incomes. While those figures are a rare occurrence, they are a reality to some. So many people are struggling to try and earn even $1,000 in a single month. The dream of thousands or millions is just that, a dream.

However, when you think about it and look at all the similar money making programs available, and the people that are successfully earning seven figures, chances are they are using the same techniques that people making $50,000 or less a year from the internet are using.

There is one obvious difference between those two cases; the money that they make. But what are they doing that is so different? Is there really even a difference? After all, if they are using the same methods, is it simply a matter of luck that a factor of one hundred separates someone from making thousands instead of millions if the two people are doing the same thing?

Actually no, it has nothing to do with luck at all. There are many little differences, which we look at in blog posts at ViralKing. One of the differences is something known as diversification.

If you come up with a content site, paste AdSense all over the place and then sit back to admire your work (and update that one site) for the rest of eternity, you might do well for yourself but at the same time you are never going to get to the point where you really take advantage of what you have available to you.

This opens up a very big point. Adsense is not nearly what it was before and now with them changing the click spaces to only headlines and url’s many top publishers are suffering. Plenty of Fish is a very large dating website, in fact bigger than all the free dating sites combined. He runs Google Adsense and has noticed a shocking result. His income is down 60% in the last 2 months, and this is a guy that makes well over $100k a month from Adsense, we are talking big money!

That scenario is something you would see from someone making $50,000 or less a year. Someone making $5 million a year would add ten other revenue streams, all completely different to the one website in order to double, triple or even quadruple the results and then build dozens of other websites exactly like it. The step after that is to then find another method that works and build dozens of those sites too. Diversification is the key to making money online; just ask any of the experts, from John Chow in blogging (Who is on track to make over $300k this year from his blog) all the way to the Rich Jerk in content websites.

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5 responses to “Is Diversification good in online business?”

  1. Bruce says:

    I don’t know about other people’s perception of Mike Filsame
    as a marketeer. To me at least he comes across as some kind
    of used car salesman.

  2. Abang Long says:

    I’ve just started blogging for a couple of months and truthfully to say I haven’t even earned a dime! That’s the problem if I just follow people blindly by copycating his/her method or strategy without having understood the reasons and rationale behind it.

    I agree with you that diversification is necessary if I wish to become like other internet marketeer who could earn steady income online. The only thing is up to what “degree” of difference it is likely to be? A newbie like me would be very much dependent on other people’s advices. The easiest way is to follow them blindly until I am ready to be on my own.

    I’ve changed my main goals in blogging to something that are real for me. Making money isn’t the main goal now even though my blog’s tag has not changed from “make money with blog”.

  3. Bruce says:

    Abang, Don’t sell yourself short,my friend. You do have the ability to forge
    ahead and experience your dream’s into the physical form. Once you understand
    there is no magic to marketing online, you are set free, to explore and build
    your own path. ” Trial and Error is the greatest teacher ”

    Following blind can become a costly affair. ” So please stop and open your eyes”

    To Your success
    Bruce “-)

  4. Abang Long says:

    Thanks Bruce for your valuable advice. I’ll strive to be like others who well established.

  5. Taris J says:

    I agree – diversification is key in online businesses. I currently run my blog as a content based blog that runs advertisers, and I am working on adding affiliate programs as well. Not only this, but I run an online sales site, and sell through

    There are numerous ways to make money online, and unless you come up with an ingenious idea, diversification is key to a solid income.

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