Is Outsourcing Right For Your Business?

Let’s Talk About Outsourcing…

One of the biggest blessings to SEO is the ability to Outsource from doing everything yourself. You may be a one person business or a small company, either way, you can greatly increase the growth of your business. You can obtain many of these services through specialized websites. Some of the tasks you may want to outsource are;

  1. Directory submission
  2. Link building
  3. Search engine Optimization
  4. Writing content for websites
  5. Article writing
  6. Keyword analysis
  7. Competitive research
  8. Website analysis

You will find that outsourcing will provide many benefits, leaving you more time to work on the things you enjoy and do best. Also, outsourcing allows you to put your focus on the business end of things rather than the many little things that take up so much of your time.

As you know, Time is something that seems to slip away from us so quickly. We as Internet Marketers have had to learn how to budget our time wisely since we are working on our own schedules without having to punch in a time clock.

There are many Internet Marketers who have been able to build great success by focusing on the important tasks of generating income. You will outsource different tasks, hopefully having them completed in a timely manner, making your business run smoothly.

When using SEO Outsourcing, you need to make sure you do it correctly, and there are some limitations, as there are with anything. You will find that you will have certain expectations, but in the real world, not everyone will meet those expectations. Plan for the bumps in the road, give yourself some time for ‘corrections’ or ‘do-overs’.

You will notice that SEO Outsourcing in on the rise which is due to the ongoing growth of Internet Marketing. More and more marketers and companies are outsourcing different jobs, and therefore, there are more specialty companies or persons who are offering their services online.

Once you find a great Outsourcing help, hang on to them, they will help your business grow and let you put your time where it’s really needed.

Someone I use for outsourcing and highly recommend is: Annette Jensen

Other options are: Guru, Elance and oDesk

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3 responses to “Is Outsourcing Right For Your Business?”

  1. Karen Giardunio says:

    Great Blog Colin… however the flip-switch advantage here can also be utilized by those who have learned a lot about various forms of Internet Marketing and Network Socializing -but still are in the waiting stages of earning money from their Affiliation/s, Website/s, Programs or Services – if you freelance your knowledge base via articles and/or ghost writing you can earn as you not only grow your rankings and opt-in lists -but as you learn more and more as time passes by about how to correctly market whatever it is you may have to offer . You can then use your earnings from freelancing to pay for your current bills and/or Adwords once you feel ready to pay for your leads! Just an idea -that’s all!


  2. Karen Giardunio says:

    One more thing… google freelancing sites and get started now if you need cash and still want to devote time to marketing via the Web!

  3. Karen Giardunio says:

    Will be checking out those last suggestions or sites you have listed in the last sentence -thanks for the advice and the lesson!

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