Please help MLSP raise funds and awareness for water aid (mycharity: water)

You may remember a few months ago I donated $250 thanks to your support to the Nelson Mandela Charity, and at the start of the year, gave $500 to World Vision in their emergency aid appeal. Well today I am at it again, and HOPE that you will join me! Please read this short post as it is a VITAL issue, maybe the world’s biggest!

Fact: one billion people don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water. That’s one in seven of us… Most of us take water for granted in a free world, but it is something a lot of children will never have access to across the planet. We all know finding drinking water is a problem for a lot of people but only few charities are tackling water issues.

That’s why I couldn’t resist sharing a great initiative with you… My buddies Brian, Norbert and Todd, who are the co-founders of MyLeadSystemPro, are wanting to raise $20,000 to serve drinking water to people in need, mostly in Africa, but also in Asia and Central America! That’s wonderful cause!

I donated $500 today and I hope a lot of people will follow and support this charity! I’m not asking you to give $500 as well, even $5 makes a difference and remember that by giving $20 you give one person clean water for 20 years. By giving $500 I gave four families of six clean water for 20 years!

What makes this better though is that the MLSP guys will MATCH you, $ for $, so they will donate another $500 based on my donation. That means we have just helped 48 people have access to clean water for 20 years! Every $1 that you can give, gets doubled! This is so powerful, if you can give just $10 or $20 for this wonderful cause, you will be changing and possibly SAVING someones LIFE!

Please click here: mycharity: water (MLSP Giving) to donate, and if you can’t give a donation, please raise awareness! It would be great if you could share the link with your family and friends, colleagues and even all your business contacts. I blogged about it, and I hope you will as well! Here is mycharity: water profile, feel free to add me as a friend! Remember, the goal is $20,000… I don’t want us to reach this goal but to exceed it!

Click here to raise funds and awareness
for water project!

Please donate now!

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