New Iphone for Colin… Why did I buy it?

I am sitting in the Hong Kong Airport on my way to Australia for Christmas and I just logged onto ebay and purchased myself the new 16gb 3G Iphone for $818us (inc. Shipping), not a heap purchase for a phone, but wht makes it even more nuts is that I have the Nokia Equivalent the Nokia N95 8gb. I have only used 1 gig on it and havent even installed the software or added the nokia maps to the phone yet.

Why did I buy myself a new phone when I have one with the same functions (some might say better, the camera on my nokia is a 5megapixel the Iphone is only 2)

Because The IPhone is COOL!

I am telling you what you already know, Apple have built a wonderful brand and even though I know I’m spending $800 on something I already have (and I have another sony phone too, seeing as I can only use one at a time, it was not a purchase that was required) I want it because it has a shiny interface, a cool layout and most of all, it has an apple logo on the back!

I got suckered in by marketing, and more specifically ‘public opinion’ and I knew it before I chose to search Ebay for it and I know it now after submitting payment…

Marketing lesson? – Build a Brand! It is a must, be it your personal name you want to brand or an alias like I am still considering doing with ViralKing, listen to another company that is cool, and know’s how to push peoples emotional triggers, Nike… Just Do It! People trust what they know and will buy from you or your brand based on 3 things:

* They Know You (Hence build a brand)
* They Like You (Make it a Cool Brand… Apple… Cough Cough)
* They Trust You ( Provide a Service You Would Like Others To Provide You)

Just Build Your Brand Already, what are you waiting for?

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4 responses to “New Iphone for Colin… Why did I buy it?”

  1. Haha! I want one too! But don’t think I’ll be getting one…

  2. Jun says:

    Good for you, you now have two great phones. I only have the K660i 😀

  3. I used to have a k600i 🙂 I now have a Sony Erickson as the only phone working for me right now

  4. Jun says:

    Now that makes it 3 phones! 😀

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