Spin Rewriter Review – Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Latest Update For Version 10 of Spin Rewriter (2019)

IMPORTANT: This is a review of Spin Rewriter. The latest version (Spin Rewriter 10) was released on October 10, 2019. Here is what’s new:

  • They’re rolling out a complete modern redesign, after 8 years!
  • They’ve worked with some of the best UI/UX designers to make the redesign a success
  • They’re making Spin Rewriter simpler, more powerful and mobile-friendly
  • They’re bringing a massive leap forward in semantic analysis (i.e. extraction of meaning)
  • As well as a 3-year leap forward in advanced sentence structure manipulation technology
  • They’ve done a manual review of the synonym database (more than 400 man-hours invested)
  • ENL Semantic Spinning can now manipulate the tense of specific sentence parts
  • They’ve greatly improved integration with free stock photo and video websites
  • They’ve improved the on-boarding process for first-time users

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Latest Update For Version 6.0 of Spin Rewriter (2015)

IMPORTANT: The latest version (Spin Rewriter 6.0) was released on October 14, 2015. Here is what’s new:

– They’ve rolled out a huge leap forward in meaning-extraction and synonym-selection, for more unique and readable spun content.

– An even bigger leap forward in sentence structure manipulation.

– They’ve invested close to a 1000 man-hours of work into redesigning and improving the user interface. Spin Rewriter 6.0 is super easy to understand, quick, responsive, and with helpful dialogs along the way.

– They’ve integrated WordPress, so you can now post to WordPress websites directly from your Spin Rewriter account in just a few clicks.

– They’ve rolled out native Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile apps with a very finger-friendly user interface.

– They’ve added a new option for old Gold members (upsell) to set up limited access for their VA’s.

Past Update For Version 5.0 of Spin Rewriter (2014)

IMPORTANT: The latest version (Spin Rewriter 5.0) was released on October 21, 2014. Here is what’s new:

– You can now fetch relevant seed articles for spinning in just a few seconds, from a huge built-in database of 126,000+ high quality articles.

– The processing speed has been improved by 80%, from 5 secs down to 1 sec for an average length article.

– The 1-click rewrite of a 500-word article doesn’t take 120 secs anymore, but just 9 secs!

– They have built in an industry-leading grammar and spelling checker with 1-click functionality.

– You can now automatically insert relevant You Tube videos into the articles you fetch, in just a few seconds.

– You can have the paragraphs and lists in your generated articles intelligently re-ordered on total autopilot.

– More awesome features…

Past Update For Version 4.0 of Spin Rewriter (2013)

Spin Rewriter 4.0 comes with plenty of new features and benefits, including an article generating algorithm that makes sure only appropriate synonyms are used. Spin Rewriter now spins content on paragraph, sentence and word levels, and has become the best article spinner in the world!

Demo Video (Watch The New Features in Action!)

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SpinRewriter Bonus (Total value: $997)

SpinRewriter Bonus #1Don’t have a product to promote? You’re in luck, because if you get SpinRewriter through our special link, we will send you not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but 5 cool bonus products that you can resell or give away! (Total value: $997)

Niche Authority – The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Niche & Dominating it
Affiliate Authority – How to Get Rich Selling Other People’s Products
Blog Authority – A Simple Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Blog For Profit & Build a Raving Community
Brand Authority – How to Be Everywhere, Stand Out From Your Competition & Build an Incredible Brand
Social Media Authority – How to Establish Your Online Presence, Reach More People, Gain The Trust & Loyalty of Your Audience

Here is what’s included with each product:

SpinRewriter Bonus #2– eBook
– Checklist
– Resource Cheat Sheet
– Mindmap
– Sales Page
– Optin Page
– Graphics
– Articles
– Email Swipes
– Social Media Images
– & More…

SpinRewriter Bonus #3You will be able to:
* resell these products (for a minimum price of $7 each)
* add them to your paid membership site
* give them away as a bonus when people buy through your affiliate link
* edit the included sales and optin pages
* & more…

How to Claim Your Bonuses:

To claim your bonuses, all you need to do is to get SpinRewriter through this special link and then submit a ticket here. Please use “SpinRewriter Bonuses” as a subject and make sure you include the transaction details so we can verify your purchase.

Step #1 – Get SpinRewriter using this special link

Step #2Submit a ticket here using “SpinRewriter Bonuses” as a subject and with your transaction details

That’s it! We will get back to you within 24 business hours. Please note that we WILL take this bonus offer down in a little while so don’t wait any longer!

Oh, I almost forgot. There is ANOTHER BONUS…

Spinning still works, if done correctly. If you do it wrong, it just won’t work. If you do it right, on the other hand, it will help you generate tons of content fast and inexpensively. This is why I created a PDF guide and a 20 mins tutorial video to show you how to spin content correctly. If you get Spin Rewriter through my link, I will send you both as an additional bonus, at absolutely no cost!

Aaron & ColinIf you sign up now, you will get access to a recorded Google Hangout on how to best use Spin Rewriter and the best practices of spinning with Aaron Sustar, the creator of Spin Rewriter! You will learn how to use his software for the highest quality ouput, why spinning still works and how to do multi-level spinning… Click here to get Spin Rewriter 6.0 now!

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My Full Spin Rewriter Review From Last Year:

Three years ago you would have asked me what article spinner I would recommend, my answer would have been no longer than three words: The Best Spinner. At the time, The Best Spinner was by far the best article spinner. (Read our The Best Spinner review for more details…) The only downside was that it only works on PC, which is a problem for people like me who are on Mac. Now if you ask me what article spinner I recommend, I would have two answers for you. The Best Spinner is still a great choice, but I would first recommend Spin Rewriter. As a matter of fact, I now prefer using Spin Rewriter to using The Best Spinner. Let me tell you why…

…but first, let’s talk a bit about article spinning in general. Why would you want to spin your articles? Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and it makes sense, because if one piece of content already ranks well in Google, why rank the exact same content again? The goal of article spinning is to get more from your article. If you spin your article well, you could have plenty of unique, readable versions. All generated articles will be seen as unique by the search engines. There’s only one problem: if you want to do it well, it’s very time consuming, UNLESS you use an article spinner. That’s where Spin Rewriter comes in!

Spin Rewriter – Is This The Best Article Spinner?

Spin Rewriter has quickly established itself as one of the top article spinners available on the market. I found out about it on the Warrior Forum… I like to try new things out, so I signed up and quite liked it. I gave access to my team, and they loved it. Yes, there were a few flaws, but overall the product was quite good when it first came out. Almost three years later, Aaron – the guy behind the product – has released Spin Rewriter, which comes with new features and added benefits, as well as a detailed step-by-step SEO blueprint valued at $97.

The new version of Spin Rewriter uses ENL semantic spinning technology, which is not available anywhere else on the market. What it does it that it does not just analyze words but also sentences and paragraphs, and spin all of them accordingly. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, trust me, that’s what I thought too until I gave the new version a try. Let’s take an example…

Sentence 1

– John can relax and read a book because his kids can book the vacation for him.

Here most article spinners would not make the difference between ‘book’ and ‘book’ but Spin Rewriter does. Here is how Spin Rewriter would spin this word:

– {book|novel|magazine|publication}

– {book|make a reservation|reserve|set up|schedule|organize}

Spin Rewriter also understands the actual role each word plays in a sentence:

Sentence 2

– Once it’s booked, he will enjoy an excellent movie and drink wine, beer, or whiskey.

Here is how Spin Rewriter would spin this word:

– {wine, beer, or whiskey|wine, whiskey, or beer|beer, wine, or whiskey|beer, whiskey, or wine|whiskey, wine, or beer|whiskey, beer, or wine}

This is a common practice among article spinners, as it’s an easy way to get multiple variations without too much work, but with other services you would have to do this manually, which is not hard but a little time consuming. Here, Spin Rewriter does it all for you. Imagine how much time you will be saving over time… Hours of boring, mindless work!

Spin Rewriter has the unique ability to recognize the actual role of each word (subject, object, adverb, etc.) and can re-organize the entire structure of your original sentences. This hasn’t been seen before and is what really makes Spin Rewriter unique.

Sentence 1 (Again…)

– John can relax and read a book because his kids can book the vacation for him.

Here is how Spin Rewriter would spin this sentence:

– {Since John’s children are able to schedule the holiday for him, he can easily flip through a novel and rest.|Because his kids can easily set up the trip for him, John is able to skim a magazine and take it easy.|John is able to go through a publication and unwind since his children can schedule the getaway for him.}

As you can see, Spin Rewriter can change ‘X because Y’ to ‘Y, because X’ itself. In that sentence, it also changed ‘relax and read a book’ to ‘read a book and relax’. Spin Rewriter knows that the word ‘book’ belongs to the verb ‘read’ and then it switches around the verbs ‘read’ and ‘relax’.

If you’re still not sure how it works, check out the video they made:

In short, Spin Rewriter can spin words, sentences and even paragraphs in seconds. Of course, you might want to remove a few variations that you think don’t fit and/or add a few synonyms of your own, but you can change the settings and choose to have less variations, if you feel there are too many, or more, if you feel there are not enough. This is completely up to you! All the generated articles are absolutely unique, completely readable, they pass Copyscape and can never be detected as duplicate content… Check out some of the settings Spin Rewriter offers:

SpinRewriter Review

As you can see you can choose between 3 general settings: (1) all synonyms that just might be correct (high risk, low readability), (2) synonyms that Spin Rewriter believes are correct (recommended, medium readability) and (3) only synonyms that Spin Rewriter is really confident about (low risk, high readability). My team and I personally use the 3rd option, because we don’t mind adding a few synonyms ourselves if we feel there are not enough, but the 2nd option is great in all cases.

Spin Rewriter on Galaxy S3

What I really like about Spin Rewriter is that I can use it from anywhere, whether I’m on PC or Mac. Spin Rewriter is hosted online, which means you don’t have anything to install. That’s great for someone like me. I sometimes like to use it myself (I’m on Mac), my VP sometimes uses it too (he’s on PC), and my VAs of course use it (they’re on PC). All of us can use it from our desktop computers, laptops and even smartphones and tablets! Check out how it looks on Galaxy S3… Pretty neat, right? Now you might ask yourself if people would really use Spin Rewriter on their smartphone or tablet? Probably not many, but when I travel short distances I like to bring my iPad with me instead of my laptop. I never had to use Spin Rewriter when travelling, but if I needed to I could!

Check out what other people think about Spin Rewriter:

The video was pretty compelling, so I decided to try it out and I am absolutely shocked at what Spin Rewriter is capable of. It’s amazing software and I have NO DOUBT, this is the new “best spinner”. Dax Deegan

After using Spin Rewriter for a few days now I can honestly say that this “bad boy” is not only the new best spinner but is actualy in a whole different league! What a refreshing change to find a seo product that over delivers, the software is just awesome, the support is second to none and the website is a pleasure to use. Paul Nickon

Hi Aaron, I’ve got to admit that I am VERY impressed. I specifically do not endorse article spinning software because of the quality of the spun sentence structure, etc. But this really solves that whole issue. Lisa Angelettie

I have been testing SpinRewriter and its pretty damn good. Still a few tweaks to work out with some phrases that it creates but definitely better than anything I have ever seen. Joe Sutton

SpinRewriter Testimonials

The best part is that you can try Spin Rewriter free for 5 days. That’s right, they offer a 5-day free trial to anyone who signs up. After those 5 days, you are free to discontinue your membership (which is quite unlikely) or continue and pay the low investment required to get access to this “bad boy”. What are you waiting for? Spin Rewriter will help you save hours of work, whether you’re completely new to article spinning or are already using an article spinner… Spin Rewriter is a MUST-HAVE!

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