StumbleUpon Part 2 – Getting Your Blog Stumbled

What Else Can You Do To Become a Pro?

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In a previous blog post, I spoke of taking advantage of the great resource StumbleUpon and the different types of marketing that some of the most popular Social Media Networks are looking for.

We discussed that if you are going to Digg, your posts need to appeal to the general masses, but StumbleUpon really likes the individual niches and specialty markets

So, lets go into today what you can do to make sure your posts get online.

  • Instead of having a link round up on a weekly basis, change it to a weekly themed-resource list.
  • News is great for Reddit and Digg, they love this kind of stuff, but if you are going for StumbleUpon, you need to focus on content that is not time related, something that is just as beneficial to the reader in 6 months from now as it would be today.
  • If you have a post that needs to be in context with time, then it probably won’t get picked up by SU.
  • You can make your posts short, but you need to have some good content, utilize some great tips and advice to help your readers.reader
  • Remember, when you have a new reader, you need to sell your content right from the beginning. You want something that will help them right from the beginning. You will not keep their attention with a prologue of 500 words or more, they will give up and move on to the next one. Stumble Upon will be bored, uninterested and pass you by. Make your posts clear from the very beginning.
  • Keep it simple, but leave the personal stuff out. Your personal stories may be interesting to your loyal readers, but to a brand new reader, they won’t really care.

When you are trying to get your blog noticed by Stumble Upon, don’t waste your time on the things that won’t interest them, but use the tips that will grab their attention, and you will see your traffic numbers soar.

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3 responses to “StumbleUpon Part 2 – Getting Your Blog Stumbled”

  1. Sohail says:

    Some great articles you have on this blog hope to see some more keep posting good content

  2. Thanks Sohail and welcome :), like your Avatar 🙂

  3. Great Post,

    I use social booking alot for my websites and do generate I ton of traffic from them.

    That a great list of places to use I book mark as soon as I have a post up and also like use feed reader sites to get my content out quicker to the major search engines.

    What I was Told you should try and keep all your articles under 600 words.

    Robert Phillips

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