Is The Warrior Forum An Internet Marketers Best Friend?

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The WarriorForum would have to be one of the best free resources for internet marketers anywhere. The forum is frequented by marketers from newbies to gurus, all with the common aim of making money online. It has been around for 10 years, and has over 100,000 members, some more active than the vast majority.

Sure, there is the occasional rant, the quick-to-be-squashed blatant advertiser, but these small annoyances aside, the amount of knowledge and advice available here is priceless. The fact that membership is free means there is no reason for any aspiring IMer to leech as much information from forum members as they can handle.

For newcomers, I would caution you to always use the Search feature before posting a question, and be specific. Questions like “How can I make money online?” will be either ignored or ridiculed. The members will not do the work for you, but show them that you have done your research and are giving it your all, and they will fall over themselves to help.

Aside from the different free “Rooms” there is a “War Room” which attracts a once-only charge for membership, and this is where the serious dudes hang out. There is also a “Warriors Special Offer” (WSO) section where you can pick up some useful tools at below regular price, or for free. Understand though that most free products will require you to ‘opt in’ to a members’ site. It is a not-quite-sneaky way for them to build their lists. And there is nothing to stop you from doing the same.

When you do have a product of your own to sell (i.e. not an affiliate product), for the princely sum of $20 you can list it as a WSO (read the rules first).

The Warrior Forum is an ideal place to get feedback on landing pages and sales copy, and a fantastic locale for finding JV partners, and outsourcing providers – writers, designers etc. Watching the popular threads and questions from members can also provide insight into what this niche might be looking for in the way of ‘how-to’ products.

So whether you are new to internet marketing or someone more experienced who wants to be sure to stay in the loop, the Warrior Forum is a cool place to hang out.

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4 responses to “Is The Warrior Forum An Internet Marketers Best Friend?”

  1. I’m a huge fan of the WarriorForum, it’s a great resource for any IMer.

  2. Warrior Forum is the leading forum for internet marketers. You should take caution if you want to build reputation.

  3. Ed says:

    The warrior forum looks like a place of interest, as a member of viralnetworks this ads to the arsenal for new online marketers.

  4. Chic says:

    I do get into discussions at warrior forums as it is designed for aggressive marketeers and definitely if you love to discuss anything technical with regard to technical matters online. Having said that, you will always find good references and resources without joining the discussions just by searching with specific key phrases.

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