Why Do We Use Viral Marketing?

Because it Works! Viral marketing can be done in many different ways, but when you decide to make the leap, it is best to pick on a particular strategy and focus on it. This will be the best way to get the results you are looking for. If you are using an article marketing strategy, you can turn some of your articles into an Ebook or report

Because you have already put the articles together, it won’t take a lot of time to develop them into something that can bring in some traffic and sales for many years to come. You will gather your articles, compile them into a single document, and then maybe do some rebranding, make it look nice and appealing.

The key here is not to focus on the advertisements or the marketing components of your product, but to add value to the reader. This is about them, what they will be looking for. A popular technique used is adding a few products in your niche. You can include them as your own affiliate links, but consider cloaking them to make them less obvious.

When you are ready to distribute it, this can be done in one of many ways. If the publication you have put together is good quality, you may want to sell it. If you want to make it viral, you need to include reprint rights. You will get the sales from the product as well as having it spread around.

Now, if you really want it to go viral, then you should give it away for free and encourage others to do the same thing, with the provisions that nothing is changed in any way whatsoever. This way you can advertise your giveaway in emails and forums. Another place that is often forgotten is on the download page of any similar products that you sell. Everybody loves bonuses, and the unadvertised bonuses are even better, and when it is on the download page, it becomes a part of the actual order, and then most readers will download it.

When it comes to cost, viral marketing is considerably less expensive than traditional advertising. Remember that viral marketing is only one component of your marketing strategy. You need link it with other strategies like your opt-ins and setting up squeeze pages. This will all help to generate traffic to your site, developing a solid customer base and increasing your sales.

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5 responses to “Why Do We Use Viral Marketing?”

  1. Karen Giardunio says:

    Great info and hints about the collection of past works… I have done a series on a group of people involved in a huge hit DVD… now I realize I can take them all -put them together and just like magic… more viral marketing for me! I’ll get right to it and thanks!

  2. Karen Giardunio says:

    I’ve learned more in this week checking out your blogs -the comments from the regulars and you guys are all just brilliant! I can’t believe I found you Colin, your commentators and the viral network! You are all soooo helpful, knowledgeable and I am so glad I stumbled onto this blog!

  3. Karen Giardunio says:

    Chetan, do you do any writing articles or Press Releases? Let me know -as I would love to follow you too!

  4. Karen,

    awesome to have you here as well, you are adding a LOT of value with your input. To get Chetan, I think its best to reply to one of his comments so he gets an email about it, also his blog isnt a bad read either 🙂

  5. Karen Giardunio says:

    Thanks for the reply and Chetan if you are out there -please give me your info as you and Colin are my gurus on this blog – I can’t even begin to tell you the value I am finding in your comments, hints, suggestions and responses as well! Two for one -what a great treasure to find you two here in one spot – a personal thanks to you there Chetan – your great!

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