World Internet Summit Overview

The World Internet Summit took place on the Gold Coast of Australia’s Queensland March 12-15 2009 and the impressive list of speakers delivered some real pearls.

There were lots of internet marketing newcomers, so the ‘Newbies Day’ at the beginning had speakers like Tom Hua, Brett McFall and Sean Roach talk about some of the basics. Hearing about the different and growing opportunities for making money online inspired the audience who seemed to hang on every word – obviously a lot of ‘a-ha’ moments.

‘Living the Dream’ was a common thread with all speakers – how internet marketing has made them rich, how they have generated systems for residual income, how they literally ‘earn money while they sleep’. This is hardly surprising as being successful with internet marketing has to be the main criteria for anyone hoping to convert their on-stage presentation to sales.

And there is no doubt that generating sales were why they were there. Each speaker had either a product, system, or workshop to sell (with limited places, of course!), and it appeared that lot of business was done there. It was a pretty slick operation, but that no program was available until registration meant that many people missed out on the last sessions in order to make flights they had booked. A 7.30 pm finish to a 4 day Summit was a bit of a stretch.

A great range of topics was covered including PPC (pay per click) advertising, membership sites, CPA (cost per action), viral marketing, article marketing, SEO, list creation, eBay and affiliate marketing. I think the attendees, particularly the newbies to internet marketing, would have had their heads spinning at the end of each day.

The Summit was an excellent opportunity to network with other marketers, and to pick the brains of the experts, who made themselves available during the breaks for one on one chats.

Attending events such as these are a great way to broaden your internet marketing knowledgebase and to pick up on new trends. I’ll share some learnings from the Summit in upcoming posts, and hope you get some value from them.

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