America’s New President Sworn In…

I live in Europe and holiay in Australia, but the promise Obama brings to America has further reaching implications then maybe any of us realize. This could have more affect on my lifestlye then the elections in my home country. I am glad Obama is the man elected to fill the worlds most powerful position, lets hope that he lives up to all the promise (even half of it will be a massive improvement).

It is important to note, no president has come to office with so many problems needing his urgent attention, the economy (not just of America, but the whole world), the budget deficit, the aid promises made to third world countries, the two wars and the bailout plans.

God-Speed Mr. Obama:

Here is to the hope of a new beginning for prosperity, not just for America, but for the World!

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4 responses to “America’s New President Sworn In…”

  1. It’s an all new American regime filled with hope, now that President-elect Barack Obama is taking over the reins. We all look forward to a good year and a whole new leadership for the US and the rest of the world.

  2. Colin! Stopped by to say whats up so this is totally offtopic – but I was just testing out beta and one of the google ads that popped up was for – i remembered your viral networks, and sure enough i was right!! I didnt click – i entered the url manually – figured I’d save you a buck hehehe

    But the ads are definitely out there – good luck!! 🙂

  3. Libertyed says:

    Why remove the Video of Obama speech.

    Is it More of the same rherodic, with just a different spin…?

    What we need to do is, put our faith in our Creator,
    not in the liers and cheats of the material world.

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  4. Electrical Test Equipment says:

    At the present time Mr obama is really a history maker in american politics in the many ways. He is first African -American president and i hope he will help at the world economy crisis.

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