Video: Cry For Help – Start with No Money

I get emails like this quite often, decided to use this one as an example and put together a little video that went a bit longer then planned, but does cover a fair bit of info I think…


xx xx here and it sounds great there is only one huge problem! I have no clue what I am doing with this. I thought it would have been so much easier if I would have known what I had to do before I got started. I am really sorry about this but I need a lot of help if I am going to make this work as bad as I need it to. I have been out of work since last Feb, and I have gone through all my credit cards, savings and checking I have nothing left. I was not even able to give my children the Christmas they so well deserved. I have never felt like such a bad mom in my whole life. I hope and pray I never have to go through that again!! So, can you help me? Let me know please as soon asap. God Bless and I will be waiting to hee back from you.I do understand if you do not have the time to help me so do not feel bsd if I can not find the other side of my rainbow!!

Warm Regards, xx xx

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2 responses to “Video: Cry For Help – Start with No Money”

  1. Sorry its a bit long – I like making short and to the point videos. I hope you get something out of it and I didn’t just ‘steal’ 15 minutes of your life

  2. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin… as a single mother myself -I was touched not only by this email -but by your video response. As the winner of November’s Comment Contest -I know how much of a priority we in this forum are to you -the help you give us with the Web 2.0 stuff keeps us all updated and the value of the info is priceless for those of us who use and apply it. I just wanted to say “Thank You!” for all your support and all you do to keep us going and inspired! I think this is just another example of your willingness to help others navigate the often rough and harsh landscape of Internet Marketing… but to the writer of the email -I say this. It is a bit overwhelming in the beginning -but don’t lose heart! Once you gain your momentum you will look back at the long road behind you and feel a sense of deep pride. I wish you all the best and send blessings, well wishes and love your way. You can get my email if you need it! Just take one step after another and before you know it you will have earned your wings and will soar in ways -and to places you never even knew could exist for you!! I hope everything turns in your favor and if you have been doing things since Feb. and your still standing -you are nothing short of a survivor… once you get your wings… you’ll be a thriver!!!

    Warm Regards!
    Karen Giardunio

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