America’s New President Sworn In…

I live in Europe and holiay in Australia, but the promise Obama brings to America has further reaching implications then maybe any of us realize. This could have more affect on my lifestlye then the elections in my home country. I am glad Obama is the man elected to fill the worlds most powerful position, lets hope that he lives up to all the promise (even half of it will be a massive improvement).

It is important to note, no president has come to office with so many problems needing his urgent attention, the economy (not just of America, but the whole world), the budget deficit, the aid promises made to third world countries, the two wars and the bailout plans.

God-Speed Mr. Obama:

Here is to the hope of a new beginning for prosperity, not just for America, but for the World!

Colin Klinkert
Time To Get Back Into Stocks?

I never sold many of my shares during this massive loss as it remains an unrecognized loss and would only be a ‘real’ loss if I did sell. If the market recovers in the coming 18 months or so, I would have made that loss back.

But today, after seeing the rally (yes, I bought at the end of the day, AFTER all the shares rose 5-10% so maybe I missed an initial run, but I still think the shares are cheap and the stock market will rise once again.)

This could be a temporary rally in the bear market and it could still be falling, but I feel in 1-2 years from now we will be looking back on these prices and thinking they are cheap.

Colin Klinkert
I Trade The Stock Market

So a good Portfolio of Finances is not all in one basket, you need to spread your worth. The main places to spread are: Cash (Term Deposits), Real Estate, Stocks.

I Live in Europe but choose to trade the USA markets. right now I’m mainly in cash, as the market calls for that, a ressession is a good time to be in cash. The USA property market is on the decline still and don’t think it will bottom for another 9-18 months. Stocks are a risky game and finances are getting killled.

I will be posting my stock picks for those who are interested, but it is important to note  that I am not advising you to buy these stocks, I am not a broker, nor am i trained to give advice. This is simply stating what I have purcahsed and why. 🙂

Look out for the Finance Posts soon

Colin Klinkert