Are There Any Disadvantages To Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click Advertising Does Have Some Disadvantages…

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As I have written in an earlier post, PPC is considered to be of the best and most affordable forms of advertising on the search engines. You can use Pay Per Click advertising to bring in targeted traffic and generate leads and sales in your particular niche. You will use this type of advertising to lead traffic to a website landing page in order to obtain immediate sales, or gaining future clients. This is a multi-million dollar industry and will continue to grow. There are however, a few disadvantages and pitfalls. If it were perfect, everyone would be doing it, but as it stands right now, there are are many who don’t.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Let’s start off by first explaining that keywords are bid on by marketers to use in their ads. The Pay Per Click Company will display the ad when somebody enters in the keywords, which will link the browser to the marketers website.

As the user enters the keyword into the search engine, there will be an ad showing up along with other sites in order for the user to choose from. If the ad is clicked on, they are taken to the website and the marketer then pays for that click. The marketer only pays when the ad is clicked on, not just being viewed.

As you are choosing your Pay Per Click advertising, be picky in the companies you use. There are so many companies to choose from, and as with anything, some have greater advantages than others like some of the smaller companies.

The reason the smaller companies may not be as advantageous is they may not have the exposure that the larger companies may have. You want to put your ad where there will be a lot of exposure allowing your keywords to be in the forefront of those looking for your product type.

There are also some of the Pay Per Click companies that are not equipped to operate like the larger companies are able to. The top runner of all the Pay Per Click companies that dominates the Internet is Google Adwords.

Don’t be one of the many who have lost tons of money on Pay Per Click ad. The reason so many have lost out is because they have not had a clear picture and aware of the complex issues involved.

You need to take the time to learn the bidding process, be creative in your ads, make sure they are relevant to your campaign. Be prudent, this is crucial to your success in anything.

Just imagine finding out after you have bid for keywords, that there are numerous other Pay Per Click marketers who already have these positions in place. You do not want to end up on the bottom of the search engine pages, and you don’t want to spend all your money trying to outbid your competitors.

There are other methods that work just as well, sometimes if not better, than Pay Per Click.

According to some recent studies, it has been shown that the Pay Per Click conversion rates are actually lower than other methods such as article marketing.

Let’s say for instance you get 50 hits on your landing page through your PPC ads, but you only made one sale. What does this tell you? Do your homework, compare your PPC advertising to your article marketing, how many hits turn into sales.

The biggest disadvantage to Pay Per Click advertising is the time you need to dedicate to learning the complex methods it involves. This is not something you want to jump into without your research and knowledge of how it works. You will end up spending a lot of money with no returns.

Pay Per Click is something that you need to venture into slowly, carefully, with your eyes wide open. Have an alternate method in place, and test this out slowly, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You will be well on your way to successful marketing when you know all your options. Test it, then do it!

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10 responses to “Are There Any Disadvantages To Pay Per Click?”

  1. vonmer says:

    Hell of an good post.

    Especially because of the following sentence: “Pay Per Click is something that you need to venture into slowly, carefully, with your eyes wide open.”

    That is exactly what too much people don´t do and get themselves spending big chunks of money.

    Poeple should be aware of the “not too short” road to successful PPC advertising.

    Take care!

  2. retro says:

    yeah im 100% agree with you

    it take keyword research to maximize our return.

  3. MLMNoob says:

    I’m a noob, and I made the mistake of trying PPC before I really understood what I was doing. I had no idea of how to properly bid on keywords, how to use keywords, and most importantly how A/B testing plays into PPC.

  4. Yeah, Im working through commission blueprint and have also just purchased PPC Classroom that I will try and get around to soon. Ill try and keep posting what I learn

    Welcome to the community btw MLMnoob

  5. MLMNoob says:

    What a coincidence, I just received emails for those two products and was debating on whether or not I should buy them. I’m not sure PPC is my thing though.

    There are many ways to promote a site, and PPC is just one method. Should noobs like me try different methods when starting out or should I just concentrate on one method and be proficient before moving on to another method of promotion?

    Thanks for the welcome, I’m glad I’m here.


  6. Hi Peter,

    Well i think its good to learn a wide range of methods but master one at a time for sure. I will try and make posts and case studies on organic social media traffic too in future.

  7. vonmer says:


    I checked out your site. I liked it and the post about your new logo design is very helpfull because I might get one for my blog too.

    One important advice I wanted to give you: Make it easier for people to comment on your Blog. I´m talking to you on this blog because I had to register on YOUR blog to leave a comment there. So I highly advice you to disable the default wordpress “register to comment” thing on your site.

    As I said, I liked your blog. I´m telling you this to help you improve it. You might want to check out mine too so you can point out some things I could improve.


  8. MLMNoob says:

    vonmer, thanks for the advice.

  9. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin I too have gotten into PPC Classroom -it is now closed out to new comers. I would strongly suggest that you go thru the modules and take advantage of the tools you can use within the system. Amit brought in $2.4 Million last year and the time it takes to get into understanding it all is more than worth it. The strategies that he has developed are amazing and I am currently in the process of finishing up my exercises. For what you learn and the system he has put into place it is more than worth the invested money to get into the classroom to begin with! Since you said that completing the process of going through the programs you often purchase is at times something you aren’t so good at -this would be the program you would want to follow thru with -I promise you will be blown away at what Amit has learned and the pitfalls he can spear you from falling into. Good luck!

  10. Hi Karen,

    Nice to have your comments back 🙂 Yeah I will try and get to it next week some time, to be honest I havent even logged in yet really or read the first module.

    I plan on going through the rest of comm blueprint as I am about half way there, and then i will alternate the PPC classroom with the stompernet videos I have.

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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