Thanks… I am no longer an ‘Internet Marketer’

No I’m not quitting 🙂

Having said that, I am sick of people new to the industry feeling they need to spam their affiliate links all over the web. 99.99% of the time with no result other then to make yourself look like a tosser!

Comments are moderated these days so it’s a waste of time making spam posts, they won’t get approved. It wastes your time, my time and does nothing but hurt your reputation.

This is a short ‘Rant’ post because like a second hand car salesman business, there are some VERY good and VERY honest people that sell used cars; but if you say you are ‘used car salesman’ what is the response you get from others? Friends, Family? Do they say ‘wow, that is awesome!’? I doubt it…

Well our industry has a similar connotation! Even though we have so many great, amazing marketers who’s main focus and goal is to educate others and help them lead a better life… there are, due to the ease of labeling, ‘internet marketers’ who spam, fail and clog up our industry and with it the reputation of those of us who want to be positive and make a real difference!

Where am I going with this? Well anyone can be an ‘internet marketer’ even if you lose money at it! You can still self proclaim yourself an ‘internet marketer’. Guess what, if you post a bunch of spam, or even comment on forums promoting a product or service, you are ‘marketing’ on the ‘internet’, welcome: ‘internet marketer’.

From now on, I am an…. Interactive Marketer!

The difference? I interact with people both followers and friends and we work together to produce better results then are currently available, we work to advance the standard and truly help and educate people.

I challenge you to label yourself an ‘Interactive Marketer’ and walk the walk!

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26 responses to “Thanks… I am no longer an ‘Internet Marketer’”

  1. [nich] says:

    now that’s something fresh!
    the connotation sure have brought “huh?” impact on me, I mean my family did question the credibility and my friends keep on questioning the profit.

    Interactive Marketer, that sounds nice 🙂

  2. Yep, make the change with me. By interacting we are showing that relationships and taking the time to build credibility leads to success, not spamming and ‘taking shortcuts’

  3. Vince Tan says:

    Interactive Marketer is a good one 🙂 well not sure how far they think they could go with spamming .. i mean if they do in EXTREMELY large scale yea maybe but or else i think they better off spending time doing real marketing.. 🙂

    but again we interact alot with autoresponder more than real interaction… 😉 how we gonna bring it even closer to personal level is another thing altogether 🙂

    Thanks Interactive Marketer! 🙂

  4. Vince, you are a Massive upcoming marketer and i wish you all the best with BiggestFiresale its going to be awesome, thanks for stopping by

  5. retro says:

    interactive marketer is sound good colin 🙂

    im agree with you

    if you found me doing any spam pliz remind me, we better build a good relationship, than spamming our affiliate link like a tosser you said.

  6. Karen Giardunio says:

    Interactive is a remarkable tag! You are right… Marketing on the Internet isn’t just about selling people on your program -it is about extending a sense of leadership -that means all of us – we all have something to offer when we put people ahead of money and things! Spamming is like going into a neighborhood you know nothing about and knocking on peoples doors and saying -“Hey how can YOU help ME out… and while we’re at it-do you have anything to eat?”

    Tact is key and if we place more value on people and relationships -the money follows! that kind of good energy is vital to manifesting -it’s a big part of the Law of Attraction- give first -then it comes back.

  7. Perfect Analogy regarding the door knocking, love it! & yes, give before asking, you will always better a better response like that. – Topic for another blog post I think

  8. MLMNoob says:

    I’m not sure where I read this, but “people don’t join programs, they join you”. Being an “Interactive” Marketer definitely plays well to this concept.

  9. Great analogy and saying MLMnoob, and so true

  10. Bruce says:

    Fourth generation principles in action. I have been reading John’s material
    for sometime now, and you are heading in the right direcction, Colin. The
    fact is both mlm and Internet marketing are suffering from the same disease.

    ” I used to be guilty of doing some of the things you just talked about ”

    It comes back to doing the right things for the right reasons 🙂

  11. Welcome Bruce.

    That’s correct, I think at some stage we were all guilty of this to some degree and it comes down to not knowing any better. It is up to those of us that now do know better to help show the right way for those who don’t

  12. Ed says:

    Yes Colin, your blog on about posting your links on forums, I’m guilty as charged.
    However, I have changed my way’s about marketing. You really need to connect to your referrals and keep them updated with what ever your marketing.
    Friends First, Business 2nd…!


  13. MLMNoob says:

    I think most “noobs” are guilty for “spamming” a blog or forum. I know I’m guilty.

    For me, I think I saw an ebook for sale and the capture page mentioned posting in blogs and forums to generate traffic, but because I was to cheap to buy the ebook, I didn’t learn the “proper” techniques, and then the spam began.

  14. Mike says:

    I love the terminology you’ve used, but when you think about it, it’s just relationship marketing, which has been around in the real world since the year dot. This is why, of course, you are so very right to now attach a new and far more appropriate label to ‘internet marketer’.

    Cheers, Mike

  15. Karen Giardunio says:

    This is great! we have more and more people coming in and leaving comments -this means more to share and more to learn for everyone! It is refreshing to see things on such a positive note and I am glad to see new people lending their advice and perspective! So let’s all keep it up here and let’s make sure to create an inviting, informing, open and family-like environment here… looks like we’re on the right track for that! Thanks to everyone here -you’re all appreciated!

  16. Karen Giardunio says:

    I haven’t seen Chetan… does anyone know where he went -and when he’ll be back? I’d really like to pick his brain and get his advice on a few things I know absolutely nothing about -which he seems to have a good grasp on… Chetan come back… we miss you there buddy!

  17. Mike says:

    Colin: You said: “I challenge you to label yourself an ‘Interactive Marketer’ and walk the walk.”

    Well, I just did. Registering for a new service, I described myself as Affiliate and Interactive Marketer.

    Now all you need is a new word for Affiliate…. 🙂

  18. LOL, nice one Mike 🙂 Affiliate in my mind is still ok, but how about we change that to ‘publisher’? We are ‘publishers’ of good information. Any way, good job on the Interactive Part 😉

  19. Karen,

    I haven’t seen him around for a while either 🙂 I guess he will make his way back over at some stage. Thanks for you being here though, enjoy reading your comments.

  20. carol says:

    hi colin –
    i was very impressed with your ‘rant’. i believe it will have a very positive outcome and novice marketers will clean up their act because you have a great deal of credibility and respect in the field. expect a ‘ripple effect!’ nice work; always enjoy your site.

  21. Jun says:

    That’s the essence of Web2.0 anyway. Interactive websites, people interacting with each other socially…

  22. Hi Colin,

    Although i have only been networking for a short while…all last year in fact. I do it every day and between 6 – 8 hours a day, i have never come across interactive marketer before. And if you don’t mind i will be calling myself that every where i go, and the replacement for affiliate i like that too.
    Forgive me, i haven’t looked at your profile but you sound British, because when you used the term “tosser” it made me laugh…such an english phrase.
    Keep up the good work mate!

  23. Hi Michael,

    Yeah lived in the UK for 6 years. South African though, and spent 8 years in Australia. Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, please do use the term ‘Interactive Marketer’ 🙂 hope to see you around some more

  24. Gary says:


    I downloaded the link, attached to firefox, and it is there.

    How do I use it? could you send me a pdf to get it going? I have no Idea how to use it to prospect.


  25. Hi Gary,

    Are you referring to There is a 15 min video on the thank you page that you can find at:

  26. Bart says:

    ROCK ON! From now on I am a Interactive Marketer Colin!!! Great to see you live in Monaco. Have you ever visited Bruges in Belgium?? You should with your girlfriend, it’s a very romantic spot! 🙂

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