7 Reasons To Cloak Your Link With ViralURL

Building a list is considered to be required to make money online, as you build your contacts, you build their trust and then you market them relevant and helpful products that will solve a need or desire they might have.

With Viralurl you don’t only build a list on Autopilot but you can also profit and build an ongoing income at the same time. In this post I will have a look at the 7 main reasons why you should cloak EVERY link you share with Viralurl:

1) It’s Super Easy! – Once you have a Viralurl account, cloaking links becomes a ‘2 click’ walk in the park with the use of our very cool ViralPlugin for FireFox.

2) You can make the links short, which makes them easy to share and nicer to click on.

3) You can track the ‘click stats’ on your links and also the referrer stats, so you can see what source your clicks come from

4) You can protect your affiliate links if you are promoting products and in the process increase your sales by up to 300%!

5) Build a list on Auto-Pilot that you can mail down 5 levels (7 if you are a Viralurl gold member) each week.

6) Earn up to $1 for every member that joins Viralurl from your link. We run a promotion that for 5 days a month we pay up to $1 per referral you send that joins Viralurl, even if they don’t pay us a cent! So basically we are paying you to build your list!

7) Open up a new revenue stream! Viralurl converts at around 6% from free to upgraded members, and you can earn up to 60% in referral commissions. This means if you are a gold member, and earn $98 per year on the One Time Offer upgrades, maths suggests you will earn over $500 for every 100 total referrals you make. That is over $5 per member, even if they don’t upgrade. (not including the $1 promotional offers we run)

Interesting to note is that we offer yearly or monthly memberships, meaning as a referer you will get paid over and over from the same referral for the life of the site, or until they cancel their upgraded membership! This allows you to build a solid, ongoing income from referrals you send to Viralurl

Bonus Reason 8) We are currently, and often, hold contests where we award cash and prizes to members promoting and using Viralurl. Currently we are running a contest for the top promoters, which at time of writing is still anyone’s game, AND also viralurl’s top users. So cloaking all your links with Viralurl can even win you prizes and cash!

Remember, as you cloak links and get them out there into ‘internet cyberspace’ they can bring you referrals for years to come! So for the SAME amount of effort as highlighting a link and clicking ‘right click’, then ‘copy’ and then ‘paste’ you can just as easily use ViralPlugin along with Viralurl to unlock amazing leverage and possibilities!

With great power comes great responsibility so please… No Spamming, play by the rules, but get out there and make some money with the power of Viralurl!

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2 responses to “7 Reasons To Cloak Your Link With ViralURL”

  1. Jauhari says:

    I will try this tools soon

  2. James Holmes says:

    Colin – Viral URL offers so many advantages. This is a nice list and I love the ability to create another income stream. I believe the most powerful benefit apart from affiliate link protection is the fact that one could have thousands of links across the internet generating sales and opt ins after the user has long forgotten about them.

    Each of the main seven points you have shared would by themselves be enough reason to join Viral URL and the collective power of all seven made my decision to upgrade to Elite very easy to act upon.

    Thank you for this brilliant service!


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