I Trade The Stock Market

So a good Portfolio of Finances is not all in one basket, you need to spread your worth. The main places to spread are: Cash (Term Deposits), Real Estate, Stocks.

I Live in Europe but choose to trade the USA markets. right now I’m mainly in cash, as the market calls for that, a ressession is a good time to be in cash. The USA property market is on the decline still and don’t think it will bottom for another 9-18 months. Stocks are a risky game and finances are getting killled.

I will be posting my stock picks for those who are interested, but it is important to note  that I am not advising you to buy these stocks, I am not a broker, nor am i trained to give advice. This is simply stating what I have purcahsed and why. 🙂

Look out for the Finance Posts soon

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  1. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin, our stock market has now collapsed essentially … and the ripple affect is being felt around the world… hope you made out okay and/or got out if need be… wish you luck -my boyfriend is pulling out -too risky now unfortunately.



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