Time To Get Back Into Stocks?

I never sold many of my shares during this massive loss as it remains an unrecognized loss and would only be a ‘real’ loss if I did sell. If the market recovers in the coming 18 months or so, I would have made that loss back.

But today, after seeing the rally (yes, I bought at the end of the day, AFTER all the shares rose 5-10% so maybe I missed an initial run, but I still think the shares are cheap and the stock market will rise once again.)

This could be a temporary rally in the bear market and it could still be falling, but I feel in 1-2 years from now we will be looking back on these prices and thinking they are cheap.

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7 responses to “Time To Get Back Into Stocks?”

  1. Karen Giardunio says:

    Wow, Colin,
    Just yesterday Tony Robbins was on the Today Show talking about buying stocks as they plummet so as to sit back and watch it rise back up over time… gave some guy who became a billionaire… in the crash in the 80’s as an example of how it can work! Indicated you could go to a new site he just put up… so not sure I can list it here -so I suggest a Google search on Tony himself and look for the site with the words power and crisis… hope this is okay to tell about -as it is meant to empower, support and inspire! If not allowed… I won’t ever suggest anything again!

  2. Karen Giardunio says:

    I wish you luck in it all Colin… keep us updated as you go -it would be nice to have knowledge of someone I interact with online via a blog -doing some investing and it paying off too!

  3. Karen Giardunio says:

    Do we have to have more comments than you to have a shot at the contest money? I don’t know the rules so I am not sure on that one! I keep submitting my comments in hopes that it will inspire others to get involved and have a pay off either way- in winning the prize money for one luck participant and -in the knowledge we all get in the learning process as well! So come on every one let’s make this fun and help each other at the same time… what do you say?

  4. Hi Karen,

    No I am not competing 🙂 The goal here is to spend a month or two posting content and then once the site is naturally a bit more busy, I will then proceed to spend some effort on marketing it 🙂

  5. Yep, you can make those suggestions 🙂

  6. MLMNoob says:

    I have never really been into the stock market. Do you have any suggestions for someone that wants to get into it?

    Good to hear we’re not competing against you Colin…hehe.

  7. Bruce says:

    @ MLMNoob.

    Checkout safety in the market for some really good info on how you
    can invest in stocks. I looked into myself, as I wanted to trade futures.
    The guy who started this company, David Bowden, could with uncanny
    accuracy, predict what the market would or may do on a given date.


    No i didn’t get into trading the futures market. My direction took me into
    starting a mlm business , since it is a risk free way, to create long term


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