Splash Plugin: Easily Create Splash Tabs With WordPress!

A few days ago Kevin Lam from Rank Above Others contacted me to tell me about his latest WordPress plugin: Splash Plugin. I gave it a try soon after and decided to write a review. In short, Splash Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create splash tabs on either sides of your WordPress site or blog. You can of course add content into the tabs, including ads, messages, videos, images, optin forms, polls, announcements…

Splash Plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress plugins, don’t worry too much because Kevin shows you what to do in a video tutorial. Once installed and activated, you will see two new sections in your WordPress menu: Left SplashBars and Right SplashBars. As you can imagine, the Left SplashBars menu is to set up a splash tab on the left, and the Right SplashBars menu to set up a splash tab on the right.

Click ‘Add New’, and there you will be able to enter content: text, images, videos, polls, optin forms…Pretty much anything! Then comes the best part, you get to choose how the splash tab will look like. Splash Plugin comes with a variety of templates that you can use. You can even edit them so it really fits your page, and upload your own background image!

Splash Plugin

You also get to choose whether you want to position the tab as absolute (you can’t see it if you scroll down) or fixed (you can see it regardless of where you scroll to). Splash Plugin comes with 42 pre-designed tabs – excluding bonuses – with 7 designs and 3 sizes (for both sides) and 42 PSD files for advanced users.

I added a splash tab example to this site: BenQ Projector. You can see it on the right. Looks cool, right? This is a very basic example, to show you how easy it is to set up, but you can of course add more content including images, videos, optin forms, polls… and make it look a lot better.

If you find out about Splash Plugin now, then you missed out the dime sale, BUT I managed to get a special deal for you! Kevin charges $47 for Splash Plugin, but if you buy it through my affiliate link, you will get a $10 discount, which means that the plugin will only cost you $37! That’s a steal!

Get Splash Plugin NOW!
(For $37 ONLY Instead of $47!)

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Unique Article Wizard Review

Are you searching for a Unique Article Wizard review? Then you’re on the right page! I purchased this article submitter a little while ago and spent a lot of time before I purchased trying to find a Unique Article Wizard Review as I am a member of other sites like this as well and wanted to see if it was worth adding to my SEO steps…

The links contained in this Unique Article Wizard review are my affiliate links (so I will earn money if you sign up via one of these links), but you should know that I don’t promote products that I don’t personally use & love.

What is an article Submitter?

An article submitter is a software program that allows you to publish articles all over the web very easily. Article submitters often allow you to write and rewrite articles so they are unique and can be published to their network of websites (often including blogs and article directories) more effectively.

We all know how important article marketing is when it comes to link building. There are quite a few different alternatives if you want to get into this technique. You could do everything yourself: write and rewrite the articles and submit them to article directories yourself. While this might give you some good results, this is rather time-consuming and definitely not a long-term strategy. As an internet marketer or home business owner, you should be looking to streamlining everything you can. This is why article submitters have become so popular in our industry.

When I say article submitter in this ‘unique article wizard review’ it does not only relate to article directories. In this case it relates to a blog network, where your links are taken and posted on blogs that are part of the ‘unique article wizard’ network.

Unique Article Wizard Review

My team and I use quite a few article submitters but the one I really want to tell you about today is Unique Article Wizard. Unique Article Wizard, like most other article submitters, can generate hundreds if not thousands of one-way backlinks to your websites. The more backlinks your website has, the better it will rank in search engines. Period. These one way backlinks should also come from unique ‘c class’ ips, which is a story for another post, but what it basically means is that your backlinks need to come from different sites hosted on different IP addresses. Now here is the Unique Article Wizard review:

Unique Article Wizard is different from other article submitters for various reasons. Before going into details, you should know that it is one of the most used submitter sites online. What’s really important with article submitters is to know how they allow you to rewrite articles (is it easy or not? Does it work well enough to make your content unique), and where they submit them (what is their network of websites?).

With Unique Article Wizard, rewriting articles is fairly easily. If you don’t understand why this is important, then you should know that backlinks coming from unique articles have more value than backlinks coming from republished articles.The reason for this is that Google does not index duplicate content, so links coming from sites that are in Google’s index and get pinged or visited by the Google Bot often, are of higher value to you then ones on sites that Google does not even know or care to know about. (Even though there is proof that Google does find these links still, sometimes with a bit of help from you – Backlinking your backlinks, once again, a post for another day).

Unique Article Wizard created several article wizards to help you submit articles the way you prefer. If you have your article and the two rewritten versions prepared, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to submit an article. To rewrite articles on the fly, with seriously 1 click of a button and can turn 1 article into 30 uniques for all your SEO steps, you simple must check out TheBestSpinner… It is a Vital part of my marketing, we use it on every site SEO campaign that we run and it seriously is, like it’s name suggests, TheBestSpinner! Back to…

Unique Article Wizard Review

The real advantage Unique Article Wizard has over its competitors is that the articles are reviewed by humans, and not robots, so if something’s wrong with your article (if one of the versions is too similar to the original version for example), they will let you know so you don’t get any bad surprise. Search engines don’t really like duplicate content. They will not penalize websites having duplicate content on them but they will simply not rank the pages well.

How To Submit an Article

Submitting an article to Unique Article Wizard consists of 5 quick and easy steps:

Step 1, Part 1: Create a Project Name
Step 1, Part 2: Enter the Author’s Name
Step 2, Part 1: Write Your Article
Step 2, Part 2: Create Three Titles
Step 2, Part 3 – Write Multiple Paragraphs
Step 3 – Building Resource Boxes
Step 4, Part 1 – Choose Categories and Keywords
Step 4, Part 2 – Choose Categories
Step 5 – Confirm Submission date
Step 5 – Number of Submissions

Unique Article Wizard Review
Writing Multiple Paragraphs

Unique Article Wizard Review
Reviewing Your Articles

Unique Article Wizard Review
Building Your Resource Boxes

Does this look a little complicated to you? Don’t worry, the Unique Article Wizard team got you covered with 4 different wizards. The first time you use Unique Article Wizard you should use the “Easy Wizard”. Once you get familiar with the process, I would recommend you use the “Easy One Step Wizard”. If you’re confused about anything feel free to leave a comment under this Unique Article Wizard review.

Unique Article Wizard Review

Still not convinced? Here is a shortlist of reasons why you should join Unique Article Wizard today:

1. Article marketing is a very effective link building technique.
2. Unique Article Wizard focuses on ease of use and efficiency.
3. They have a great network of websites to submit the articles to.
4. You can scale it to giant proportions of you use it enough.
5. If you discontinue your membership, the links will remain in the published articles.
6. If you sign up via my affiliate you get a GREAT BONUS!!! (valued at $170)

That’s right, if you sign up to Unique Article Wizard via my affiliate link, I will offer you a one year membership to the new social bookmarking website that I’m about to launch (in a couple of weeks or so). With this website, you will be able to easily create tons of one-way social bookmarking links to your websites.

I will charge $17 per month for a monthly membership on this website, and $170 for a yearly membership. This is an outrageous bonus so only the first 20 people to sign up via my link will get this bonus. To claim the bonus, simply submit a ticket to the Bonus section on my help desk. Please attach your proof of purchase to the ticket.

Unique Article Wizard
Click here to join Unique Article Wizard

Thanks for reading this Unique Article Wizard review until the end! If you join, be sure to claim my bonus above, it will be worth it! If you are looking for other sites like Unique Article Wizard, I would recommend that you check out:

* My Article Network
* SEO Link Vine
* Free Traffic System

With My Article Network and SEO Link Vine, you can fully rewrite articles, unlike with Unique Article Wizard. This is a real advantage that these two article networks have over Unique Article Wizard as it is very important for your content to be unique. Backlinks coming from duplicate content have far less value than backlinks coming from unique content. With Unique Article Wizard, only paragraphs are spun, not sentences (hence less combinations possible).

My team and I use these three article submitters as well as Unique Article Wizard and I wouldn’t recommend them to you if we weren’t getting great results from them. Want to see just one example of a page I promoted with them? Click on the screenshot below to make it larger:

Affiliate WordPress Theme

Affiliate WordPress Theme Post on this Blog

If you think these article submitters are too expensive for you, remember that this is an investment and not an expense, because the articles you submit will generate backlinks to your websites and even if you discontinue your memberships, the links will remain in the published articles.

Any questions or feedback about this Unique Article Wizard Review? Please post them below and I will reply:

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ViralUrl Now Integrated Into TweetGlide!

You’ve certainly heard of Mike Filsaime’s TweetGlide already. It was launched a few months ago and has rapidly become one of the most used Twitter apps in the internet marketing and home business industry. Well, soon after launch we got Mike and his team to add ViralUrl to the list of URL shorteners that the application provides.

For those who don’t know what TweetGlide is, here is a short introduction: Designed in a similar fashion to the popular TweetDeck, TweetGlide is a Twitter desktop app that makes tweeting even easier and brings more advanced features (like sponsored tweets) to make the most of this very powerful social networking and micro blogging platform. TweetGlide is currently available on PC, Mac and soon on iPhone.

To shorten your links on TweetGlide with ViralUrl, you simply have to select ViralUrl in the drop-down menu on the TweetGlide dashboard, enter your ViralUrl username and password and… that’s it! The links you tweet will automatically be shortened with ViralUrl. If you can’t find ViralUrl in the list, you may want to update your version of TweetGlide.

This is truly a great addition as it will help you build your downline with no effort from your part. As a reminder, your ViralUrl affiliate link shows up on the landing page of every shortened link you may create with the system. You also get a greater chance to earn commissions but that’s just another of the advantages of using ViralUrl with TweetGlide.

If you aren’t using any of these tools yet, you may join ViralUrl and download TweetGlide now. Both tools are free to use so make sure you give them a try before you realize what you’re missing out on!

MLSP Webinar Video – ViralUrl & ViralHosts

About week ago I participated in an MLM Lead System Pro webinar along with my VP of Operations Julien Duc and Top Network Marketer Brian Fanale (co-owner of MLSP). Unfortunately, a few MLSP Members missed out because the webinar was at 6.30pm instead of 9.30pm (Eastern) but the video call was recorded and is now made  available to anyone:

>>> MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video <<<

If you were unable to make it last week and want to learn more about ViralUrl and ViralHosts, make sure you check out the video. It’s about an hour long but is full of useful information: features and benefits, how to get started, testimonials, questions and answers… We got a couple of very good testimonials that we’re really happy about. If you want to download the MP3 file, head to the MLM Lead System Pro archive section (you need to be logged in to access this page).

I hope you enjoy it!

Update: A new webinar video about ViralUrl is now available. Make sure you check it out! Both videos are also available on ViralNetworks:
MLSP Webinar – ViralUrl & ViralHosts
MLSP Webinar – Supercharging ViralUrl

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Is Google Wave the Next-Gen Marketing Tool?

Early this week I was invited to join the preview version of Google Wave. There’s been a lot of hype over this new communication and collaboration tool. My VP of Operations and I were able to give it a try over the last few days and even if we aren’t very impressed, we both believe that this new tool has great potential. Google Wave was designed to merge emails and instant messages, along with other forms of communication such as wikis and social networks… but truly, you can use it the way you want.

With Google Wave you don’t send emails to recipients but share waves with collaborators. You can of course add links, but also polls, photos, videos and lots of other different types of file as you can see on the two screenshots above. You can drag waves around, embed them in blogs and sites and even play them back so you get an idea of who said what when. Google plans to release most of the source code as open source, which is great news as web developers will thus be able to create applications and extensions.

Even if Google Wave is still in development and it’s a little too early to tell if this is going to become the next-gen marketing tool, it looks very promising. Google Wave allows you to communicate not only with your friends and colleagues, but also with your customers. It may indeed open new doors to marketers as it allows to share content such as product photo, videos, ratings and testimonials… and almost anything else you could think of. Any business could even invite their customers to join Google Wave for customer support or product development.

If you haven’t received an invitation to join the preview version of Google Wave yet, make sure you ask for an invitation around you or request an invitation from Google. Worse, if you don’t know anything about Google Wave, check out the following video: