Digi Traffic Accelerator Review: Easily Build Hundreds of Social Backlinks to Your Pages

There are plenty of different ways to build backlinks to your pages. This time I want to tell you about social bookmarking links, and how they can help you get better search engine rankings. Building social backlinks to your pages can be very time consuming if you don’t have the right tools at hand, but if you do, then things get a lot easier…

Digi Traffic Accelerator (DTA) is a social backlink building desktop software that builds hundreds of social backlinks to your pages. The idea here is to increase the number of backlinks to your pages, so they rank better in the search engines, and you get more business. You can build backlinks to your main pages, or use it for deep linking.

Digi Traffic Accelerator Review

Digi Traffic Accelerator

Digi Traffic Accelerator: How Does it Work?

Digi Traffic Accelerator is very easy to use. If you’re familiar with my site SocialMonkee, you’re already familiar with Digi Traffic Accelerator. After launching the application (which is a desktop application), the first step is to enter a few details so the software can start creating social bookmarking accounts for you.

Digi Traffic Accelerator Review
By clicking the ‘Generate’ button Digi Traffic Accelerator will automatically fill in the form for you, so all you need to do is to enter a short description and enter email details. Once done, the software will create the social bookmarking accounts for you.

Automatic Email Confirmation

I suggest that you use the captcha service so all accounts are created on auto-pilot, without you having to confirm any account registration. To do so, click ‘Settings’ and ‘Captcha Service’. Digi Traffic Accelerator offers 4 options: Manual, Death by Captcha, Bypass Captcha and Decaptcher.

I use Death by Captcha because it’s cheap and I know it works but you can use any of the other services listed. After entering your captcha service login details make sure you click the ‘Test’ button so you know if you have enough credits left for the submission or not.

Proxy Support

Once done, you can proceed with the social bookmarking accounts creation by clicking the ‘Create Accounts’ button. This might take a few minutes… Note that you can also use Proxies for a higher account stick rate. This is optional but recommended.

Once the accounts are created, you can proceed with the URL submission. All you need to do it to enter the URL, Title, Description and select a Category. You can enter spun text: {…|…|…} so different versions of your title and description are submitted to the social bookmarking sites (like on SocialMonkee).

Social Backlink Building
This will make the links look more unique to the search engines. After entering your spun title and description, make sure you click the ‘Random Spin’ button so you can see how they will look like on the social bookmarking sites. If something is wrong make sure you check your brackets and dividers.

Insider Tip: When spinning text, make sure the number of opening and closing brackets is the same. If you have more opening brackets than closing brackets (or the way around), then something is wrong. Make sure you pay close attention to this as you don’t want to mess up your submissions.

If this looks complicated to you, don’t worry… Digi Traffic Accelerator comes with video tutorials. The application is very easy to use, and once you know how it works, it should take you less than a few minutes to submit a URL. To start the submission process, click the ‘Post Bookmark’ button. Once again this might take a few minutes…

450 Social Sites (& Growing)

Once the submission is fully completed you will be able to see all the links the software created for you in the ‘History’ section, so you can easily check if everything is fine. As the time I write this review, Digi Traffic Accelerator counts 450 social sites so that’s plenty of social bookmarking sites to get links from.

Social Bookmarking Links

Digi Traffic Accelerator Review

If you like SocialMonkee, no doubt you will like Digi Traffic Accelerator. As you can see, the software is very easy to use and can help you build hundreds of social bookmarking links with little to no effort. My team and I now use it almost every day…

The application is part of the Digi product series by plugin guru Andy Fletcher. Andy has released plenty of powerful plugins and applications over the past few months, and I must that, once again, I’m very impressed… Digi Traffic Accelerator is a MUST HAVE!

Digi Traffic Accelerator will build hundreds of social bookmarking links to your pages, helping you increase their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site, for more business and money… Get it now before your competitors find out about it! 😉

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Digi Traffic Accelerator Bonus

If you get Digi Traffic Accelerator through my link, make sure you claim the bonus I prepared for you: 1 Month of FREE Advertising on SocialMonkee ($37 Value) as well as a 90-page eBook on attraction marketing: Law of Attraction Marketing For The Internet

To claim your bonuses, submit a ticket here with your transaction details. Make sure it includes your name and the email address you used for the purchase.

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