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Domain name research is of paramount importance when it comes to setting up an online presence, whether it’s a site, blog or squeeze page. That’s why I already published a blog post on how to find a domain name. As I previously mentioned, a good domain name can be a great asset for your online business. However, I noticed that too many tend to forget about domain name keyword research.

I strongly recommend you to use the keywords you want your online presence to rank for in your domain name. A keyword-rich domain name can give you a competitive advantage, helping you rank better in search engines and thus generating additional traffic to your pages. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), domain names can be of great help, along with other on-page and off-page factors of course.

However, remember to avoid dashes and numbers when possible, and choose a common domain name extension like .com, .net or .org. In my previous blog post on how to find a domain name, I recommend a few domain name suggestion tools. However, there’s a major downside: they don’t mention anything about keyword popularity.

You thus need to combine keyword research (with Google Keyword Tool for example) and domain name availability checking (with 1and1 for example, or even NameCheap for bulk search). Not too sure how to proceed? I created a short video on how to effectively research keywords for a domain name. Check it out…

Sign up and Register Domains Through 1and1

I hope you find it useful! In addition to the two registrars I mention in my previous blog post, I would like to tell you about 1and1, which is a great domain name registrar for internet marketers and home business owners. It’s cheap, reliable and has a pretty cool affiliate program. They have great offers so make sure you check them out!

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