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Last week I had the chance to be interviewed by internet business coach and trainer James Holmes for his Internet Business Blueprint podcast. This podcast is dedicated to internet marketers and home business owners in network marketing, affiliate marketing and direct selling so there’s a good chance you’re in the target audience!

The call went very well and I’m glad to be able to share the podcast with you today. James and I discussed several topics including viral marketing and my products ViralUrl, ViralHosts and ViralNetworks, which is about to be relaunched. James is an early user of ViralUrl and I was really glad to have his feedback live.

Listen to the podcast to learn more on my path to internet marketing, what makes viral marketing so appealing and of course how to get the most out of ViralURL. My business partner Frank Bauer was also on the call so make sure you listen to it now or add it to your favorites to listen to it at a later time.

James Holmes Radio
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The introduction is about 5 minutes long so feel free to go past the 5th minute if you don’t have much time. I strongly recommend you visit James’ website Ask James Holmes for lots of great blog posts on internet marketing and his radio blog James Holmes Radio for more podcasts. If you’d like to learn more on ViralUrl and ViralHosts, feel free to watch the MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video I posted a few months ago.

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11 responses to “Internet Business Blueprint Podcast”

  1. Jesse says:

    Thanks Colin! ViralUrl looks like one powerful tool for the internet marketing community. Can’t wait to implement it into my business. I have been a fan of for a while now. He has put together a wealth of information on his site for both advance and newbie marketers.

    Thanks again and God Bless,


  2. Tatyana Gann says:

    I have been using viral URL service for over year and I think it is awesome tool for list building.
    I do look forward to relaunch of your service and I do believe that viral marketing plays huge role for anyone in the marketing arena

    Tatyana Gann

  3. Paul Hines says:

    This is great information and I may be a little biased because James Holmes is my Sensi lol. I always learn something new listening to James, he has been an invaluable source of inspiration and resources to me in my struggles. Colin is great as well and I have been a member of his blog for awhile now. Well done.

  4. Hi Paul, Thanks for the kind words… Great to have you in the community. If you can suggest things you would like to see or ways I can make it better, please let me know

  5. Jesse,

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback on ViralURL. Its growing fast, so we are excited about the communities future

  6. Tatyana,

    Yeah, Im looking forward to relaunching ViralNetworks in less than 2 months i hope! I think it will become a very powerful site in our industry.

    Welcome to my blog, nice to have you in the community

  7. karthickkannan says:

    James Holmes has given me very useful information about Viral Networks.

    Which looks like one powerful tool for the internet marketing community and can be

    implemented in my business development.

    Many Thanks to James and his efforts….

  8. Yeah, James has interviewed some very cool names in the industry… have had a few hours listening to past podcasts.

    Also about ViralNetworks, its awesome to have you with us… Relaunch will bring a great site!

  9. John Chatman says:

    Thanks for the replay on this kick butt interview. I really wasn’t aware of the full capabilities of your service and now have a much fuller understanding of how it works.

    I am going to contact James for the discount you guys had mentioned in the interview.

    Keep rockin,

  10. John, thanks for stopping by mate. Your blog is awesome, i;m glad you commented as it led me to your blog… Keep up the good work and welcome to my community

  11. John, thanks for stopping by mate. Your blog is awesome, i;m glad you commented as it led me to your blog… Keep up the good work and welcome to my community

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