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You’ve probably seen the ads and the listings on job sites:  “Make Great Income From Home!  All You Need Is A Computer!”  Is there truth to these ads?  Yes and no.

If these people are paying for an advertisement, then they are expecting to make some sort of profit on the deal, so they may just be trying to sell you something.  Make sure to research these offers before committing to anything.  But, even though they may be trying to sell you something, these ads are truthful:  you can make money on the internet, and all you need is a computer (and a good work ethic).  The easiest way to start is with a home business using affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Essentially, it is selling someone else’s stuff.  A person will produce a product and register it with an online affiliate management site like Clickbank.  Affiliate marketers (you) will register with that site and promote the product online.  When somebody buys the product through you, they click a special link and part of the sale price goes to the person who developed the product, and part of it goes to you.  Depending on the affiliate offer this can be anything from 30% to 90% to the affiliate.

(Often the reason the product owner offers a huge commission is that the main reason they are selling the product is to build a client list for future marketing purposes.)

The beauty of this system is that once you have developed the marketing strategy to sell this product, it is there for as long as you keep the website active, so you can earn passive income for months after beginning a campaign.  Even after you’ve forgotten about it entirely and have already done three or four other projects, your bank account will keep growing.

Affiliate marketing requires you to be able to write good sales copy (or pay somebody else to do it), and drive web traffic to a website that features that sales copy (or pay somebody else to do it).  Depending on the profit margin, you may be able to subcontract some elements, but it is a good idea to learn every facet in the beginning.  This maximizes your profit and gives you a good grounding on all aspects of affiiliate marketing.

If you don’t have your own product to sell (yet!!), then affiiliate marketing is a great way to start making money online.

Good Affiliate Programs:

Good affiliate programs are programs that sell themselves because the service offered is of high quality, the sales pages have been split tested and proven to convert and there is a lot of social proof (testimonials from other happy customers)

My Suggestion:

Viralurl is the program I would suggest, as we have thousands of positive feedbacks and our offers are proven to convert at well over 5% from free to paid & we also often pay you just for getting free signups. I know that it is my program so you will be thinking, “of course you will suggest your stuff” and whilst I don’t claim that statement to be wrong, Viralurl meets all the criteria of a winning affiliate program and our top promoters have earned over $20,000 in affiliate commissions (And these commissions are recurring, either monthly or yearly). If you are not a member of Viralurl yet, it is worth a look 😉

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  1. Thanks Colin,
    for this useful post. I use ViralURL myself and I can only endorse your comments. To speed up link rotation I click some Viral Mails every day to get quite a lot of additional credits. It’s one of my best viral affiliate tools. Really worth the recommendation.
    Martin Bigler

  2. Hi Martin,
    Thanks for stopping by to post on my blog. Hope to see you around much more. Also thanks for the support in Viralurl as well… Great to have you with us

    I see in your post on your blog you mentions David’s twitter system, have your tried ViralFollowers?

  3. hi Dear you are really fantastic and submit a post with great things.

  4. Van says:

    I thought that’s funny…
    I who follow him to learn the secrets of successful internet marketing
    Is being asked if it’s okay for Colin Klinkert to follow me on Tweeter…lol
    YEA…Yes Da He__ Yeah……….
    That touch my heart
    Thanks Man

  5. Hi Van, thanks for stopping by. Not 100% Sure what you are talking about in your comment though…

  6. Van says:

    Come now I am a member Viral Url….have been for about never know how to use it…always always forgetting my password
    Vantheman55 one in the same….. and you not sure What i mean?
    In ~American english~ it would be my Honor to follow you on Tweeter
    Is that better?

  7. Yep, Get you now 🙂

    My Twitter can be found at: http://www.TwitterColin.com/ and when you follow me I will auto follow you back 🙂

  8. RealTruthMLM says:

    I agree, people can make money online, BUT it’s not as easy as you make it sound. You don’t just become an affiliate marketer and then tons of cash roll in. You need to market your product and most people have no clue how to market/advertise online.

    To make money you need traffic and then you need to convert that traffic into sales, but most people don’t know how to drive traffic. I haven’t read all your posts yet, so if you have a post that specifically addresses traffic generation, would love to read your take on generating traffic.

  9. I do and will continue to make posts on how to get traffic, and conversions etc. Thanks for your comment and joining my community 🙂

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