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At the World Internet Summit this month, one of the key speakers was Atlanta-based Matt Bacak. He first began investing his earnings at age 12, and in the following 15 years survived botched partnerships, failed businesses, credit card debt and bankruptcy. He must have learned a lot from these bad times, because now, 15 years later he is a multimillionaire (he made his first million at age 27).

With this knowledge setting the picture, and his introduction showing pictures of his home, his Hummer, and his private jet – the audience was immediately tuned in to what Matt had to say.

Matt’s forte is membership sites and making money from them was what he was there to talk about. Here are his tips:

1. Before you launch a membership site, work out your expenses – personal and business. Write them down and really understand that it costs you $x to live.

2. Determine how many memberships you need to meet expenses, e.g. if you need $5000 per month, that could be 500 memberships at $10 each per month.

3. Put things into perspective. What do you want? Imagine what it would be like to have an extra $5k, $10k etc per month.

To start a membership site you will need the following:
• An Opt In Page
• An Autoresponder
• A Front End Offer/Sales Letter
• A Membership Website and Software
• Traffic

Identify Your Market
Matt advises people to “think with the end in mind”. Sell something with a bigger product in mind down the line. Think “what’s next?” He believes a great way to find a market for membership sites is to look at monthly magazines on the news stands. The people who buy these magazines are already committed to paying a certain amount each month for this information – so it is likely that they will also pay for a membership to deliver similar material. This is a great tip!

Driving Traffic
Matt believes that the best ways to drive traffic to membership sites are PPC (pay per click), Joint Ventures, and Article Marketing. He is also getting great results from CPV (cost per view) advertising.

Matt is running 3 multimillion dollar companies, all of which were built online. His first company grew by 1057% in 2008 alone. Matt’s strategies saw him run one of the largest internet promotions ever, acquiring 14,897 customers in less than a week.

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