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Did you know that You can make money just by keeping a blog?

Niche Market Blogging For Money

Have you thought about starting your own Internet business at home? If you have, then you are not alone, there are millions who are now making money online by creating niche market blogs.

Don’t worry, this does not mean you can’t do it, matter of fact, you have access to more tools and ideas than ever before.

What Is A Niche Market Blog?

Blogging is a great way to get started, and when I mention blogging, I don’t mean your personal family blog, I mean Niche Blogging.

What is a niche?

According to Wikipedia: niche (plural niches)

(architecture) A cavity, hollow, or recess, generally within the thickness of a wall, for a statue, bust, or other erect ornament. Hence, any similar position, literal or figurative. “Images defended from the injuries of the weather by niches of stone wherein they are placed.” —Evelun.

(biology) A function within an ecological system to which an organism is especially suited.

(by extension) Any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business.

An arrow woven into a muslim prayer rug pointing in the direction of Mecca.

Something To Offer

In order for you to make some money online, you need to be able to have something to offer in exchange for the dollar. So, what can you sell and how do you know if it will be in demand or popular?

How do you know if your niche  market is something that Internet shoppers are interested in?

Where To Begin?

Let’s begin by checking out the web sites, publications, and periodicals that others are reading and shopping for. A great place to begin is Amazon.com.

This is like a giant library of information just waiting for you to take advantage of. You will be amazed when you begin to gather ideas as easily as thumbing through your favorite magazine.

You will have only spent a few moments on Amazon, and have so many ideas, you won’t know which one to use first for your niche market blog.

Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions

The first place you want to go is to look at the magazine and newspapers offered on Amazon.

Once you are in this area, look to the left side of the page and you will see a long list of categories. You will find unlimited amounts of ideas for your niche blogging here.


  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Arts & Photography
  • Automotive
  • Brides & Weddings
  • Business & Investing
  • Children’s Magazines
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Computers & Internet
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Education
  • Electronics & Audio

As you can see to the right, there are a lot of different magazines and publications distributed on a regular basis. These magazines are not here to fill the pages of Amazon, they are here because they have a huge audience that is willing to spend money on these subscriptions.

Time To Get Ideas

A place to start are the topics that interest you. If there is something that you find interesting, you will find it easy to write about. You want to get a topic that you will enjoy researching, and your knowledge and enthusiasm will show in your writing. Wait till later for the more difficult topics, after you are more of an expert in niche market blogging.

Start small; don’t go up against the big guys that are in the giant niches like fitness and weight loss. You want to stay in the smaller niches where you will have a lot less competition. Leave the giant niches to the pro’s. You will find some great success in these smaller areas.

Keep It Simple

Here are some ideas to check out:





Jewelry making

Check It Out

As you go through the magazine subscriptions, look to see how often they go out, if they are only a ‘once a year’ thing, it may be because they don’t have a large enough audience . Most of the more popular craft and hobby magazines go out at least quarterly, and these are the ones to check out.

Once you have decided on a niche idea, take that topic and put it in Google and search for any news or articles on that topic. You may come up with some interesting news or articles on your subject.

Just One Idea

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get ideas for niche blogging, and this is only one of them. Go for what you love, what interests you, not only will you have a lot more information to work with, but you will thoroughly enjoy the entire process. You may wonder if you are even working at all.

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5 responses to “Home Business The Easy Way – Niche Market Blog”

  1. Chetan says:

    Good post 🙂

    But one thing can you explain Colin?
    Did you just say a niche blog made for adsense type of monetization?

    Or is Niche market blog something different with affiliate marketing included in it?

  2. Combinations. I have niche blogs that run only ebay, and some that have both ebay and adsense. and some that are only adsense 🙂

  3. Karen Giardunio says:

    Great Ideas here guys and I love your question about affiliate or adsense Chetan… i just figured out the adsense side of my blogger -so do you guys have advice about quick and viable ways of getting traffic to my blog and do you have a list of good affiliates to connect with and any advice as to how to find good ones as well… your advice or opinions would really help me out guys! One more thing -blogs can run on ebay -how and what is that process?

  4. retro says:

    nice post and great tips, we should choose our best niche, niche with our interest, our topic, so that we can write good post about it. and got our chance of succes in return

  5. MLMNoob says:

    Am I following correctly? So to monetize a niche blog, you have to create a product or sell information related to the niche?

    Would you recommend original content or using ezines in this niche blog? Mixture of both?

    Also, I didn’t quite get the adsense/ebay comment. Adsense and ebay ads on the niche blog as a way to monetize?

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