Myspace Ads – Now Open To The Public

Myspace is the largest social networking site in the USA and along with Facebook, one of the largest in the world.

So when they launch a brand new ads module that is now open to the public, it is worth standing up and taking notice. Whilst they have a tonne of traffic and a huge market, they also have the ability to target the users your ads are shown to.

Myspace Ads works on a CPC module and min bid is 25cents. Here is a chance to get a lot of traffic, fast for decent prices. 25 cents a click may sound a bit expensive, but surely it’s worth a test, some of the keywords you can get will be much cheaper then you would pay on adwords.

This is big news for anyone that does PPC marketing as it creates a chance to capture a lot of leads into your sales funnel.

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6 responses to “Myspace Ads – Now Open To The Public”

  1. william says:

    This is a nice move by myspace; but it continues to follow their stale old act of creating large amounts of revenue on the backs of members and their content.

    myspace is easily worth at least a billion, and where is the value coming from other than members/the communities content and activities.

    How much ad revenue is myspace sharing with members that generate ad revenue for them ? Are they giving anything back to the community that has put them where they are ?

    I am technology consultant, and this summer I became so feed up with the share cropper mentality of sites like myspace that I decided to build an application that shares the wealth that is created with the community.

    We also have a stand alone ad service and we have a granular micro revenue sharing service that allows members to share their revenue with Friends, Groups, or Causes.

    And unlike myspace and the rest we will be releasing most of the service to the open source community because we know we are not the smartest guys in the room.

  2. vonmer says:

    I knew about facebook ads, now Myspace too. Good move.

    Maybe ViralNetworks will be the “Myspace” for business.. lets see.


  3. Karen Giardunio says:

    Great insight there William… something to definitely think about and consider – but it is full of new people and old hats as well – could have some benefits… any thoughts from you there Colin?

  4. Karen Giardunio says:

    vonmer… it would be nice to see that happen with and for ViralNetworks wouldn’t it?

  5. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin, any advice or hint about marketing on MySpace? Do we go straight to them or is there a Google connection? Sorry if that is a stupid question -I just want to know the best way and maybe even things to avoid doing as well… any insight on this anyone?

  6. I haven’t tried using their PPC ads yet, but for SEO they have ‘myspace pages’ that you can use to make backlinks to your blog or site to build up ‘inbound links’.

    Other then that, I am yet to get a myspace advertising account and don’t even use my personal one anymore now that there is facebook 🙂

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