Product Giveaway: Keyword Density Tool

A few weeks ago I gave away a Facebook eBook that I hope you enjoyed. I really found it interesting and I’m pretty sure most of you who have downloaded it did as well. This time I want to share a keyword density tool with you. I came across this application not so long ago and found it very useful. Article marketing plays a very important part in my marketing campaigns and it is important for my team and myself to submit good quality articles to the web.

I define good quality articles as interesting articles that bring real value to the readers. However, it’s also important that search engines find them interesting… interesting enough to rank them well for certain search terms. That’s where the keyword density tool comes in. As previously mentioned, this sort of tool can be very useful, to know how many times a certain search term is used in your article for example.

Let’s say you have a 500-word article but the search term you want to target is only used once and twice… this is not good enough. Google will never pick your article for these keywords. However, if the search term is mentioned five or six times, then the article has a better chance to rank well in the search engines. There are of course a lot of other factors to take into account.

Keyword Density Tool

The tool I want to share with you is called Article Analyzer. Like last time all you have to do to download the file is to leave a comment. You will receive a confirmation email, and then another email with a download link.

Keyword Density Tool
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Keyword Density Tool

This tool is very easy to use and that’s why I suggest that you download it. Did I forget to mention it’s FREE? Just give it a try, you will thank you me later… All you have to do is to paste your article, enter your keyword or keyphrase, and the keyword density tool tells you how many words the article has in total, how many times the keyword or keyphrase is used, and what is the density (in percentage).

I have never been able to prove how important keyword density is for the search engines. However, it really makes sense to use the search term you want to rank for in your content. However, if the search term is used too often, this can be a problem… Keyword stuffing is a black hat practice that can seriously damage your online reputation. That’s why using a keyword density tool is important. I would actually be more than happy to discuss about the topic of keyword density and its importance for search engines rankinsg. Feel free to leave a comment with your views on the topic.

Keyword Density Tool

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The file comes with a user guide so there’s really nothing to worry about if you aren’t familiar with this sort of application. It’s very easy to install, easy to use, and it does a great job! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and stay tuned for more product giveaways!

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  1. Francis says:

    Been looking for a good keyword analyzer. Thanks very much

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    Great post, great gift! Colin has millions of tactics on his arsenal!

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    i am eager to use it and look forward for the wonderful tool

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    Excellent Product. Made submitting articles so much easier. A+

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    An ideal tool. It will help me checking every article.

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    I love this idea of checking your pages for density. I WILL return and let you know how it works out for me!

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    A must have tool, will be looking forward to this great software.

    Many Thanks…

  13. Tgertail says:

    Sounds good and useful for writers. Love to try it.

  14. John Moore says:

    Hi what do you suggest as far as density of keywords is concerned. I have heard around 2-3%.

  15. arpero says:

    Please send me download link

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    nice tools really helps

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    Great tool for digital marketing…

  18. tariq says:

    I am Tariq and I believe that Key word density analysis is very important to any serious marketing publishers.
    I wil check that and give you and honest review.

  19. James says:

    Great tool you’ve created there. Will definitely like to check it out. I still believe keyword density is a factor even after google panda.

  20. Akorn says:

    seems like a useful tool

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    Looks like a great tool. Will come in handy to rank my sites.

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