How To Get Your Backlinks Indexed
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Quality backlinks – This is the 3rd video of a 3-part series about backlinks. In the 1st video, I explained what are backlinks and how they work using a fun analogy. In the 2nd video, I continued the analogy and talked a little more about building backlinks and how you can effectively use them to rank better in the search engines. Quality backlinks are not what they are by nature. YOU have the power to turn almost any backlinks into quality backlinks, starting by getting them indexed by the search engines.

I really hope you enjoy this video about quality backlinks and how to get them indexed by the search engines. This is the last video of the series on backlinks, so if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, make sure you leave a comment. If you like the video, feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or both using the big buttons below! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you!

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To watch Episode #1 on what backlinks are: What Are Backlinks

To watch Episode #2 on how you can effectively build backlinks: Building Backlinks

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24 responses to “How To Get Your Backlinks Indexed”

  1. Terri Pattio says:


    Awesome information about backlinks. I appreciate your illustration you gave.
    It will help a lot of people to understand.

    Can’t wait to see what your next post will be about.

    Terri Pattio

  2. cas says:

    A great series! Has clarified backlinks totally for me. I had a very vague understanding previously. This knowledge is a huge asset to a home business. Thanks Colin.


  3. Nomar says:

    Nice video Colin! I like the tool you mentioned, 🙂

  4. Hi Terri,

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I wasn’t too happy with this video, the presentation and my tone was a bit boring, but I’m learning too 🙂

    I will ensure future videos are ‘easier’ to watch 🙂

  5. Thanks Nomar for the comment and support. I plan on making many more videos and hope that I can improve the presentation as I move forward too.

  6. Nomar says:

    Great. Try to do less reading in the videos, just a tip 🙂

  7. Kenneth Ford says:

    I understand the importance of indexing the sites you link to, but I am not clear what you are doing with the site you set as a feeder blog, are you selling a product or putting up random content, or how else do you utilize what is essentially a link clearing site.

    Ken @EliKen Marketing

  8. Hi Ken,

    You can place ads etc. in those posts and on the sidebar. Basically what the feeder blogs purpose is, is to tell Google about links that are pointing to your ‘money/main site’

    So in essence it’s purpose is to bring those links to Google’s attention and get them indexed. Thus allowing another backlink to your main site to be counted.

    This helps with your SEO position for the term you are chasing. – Hope this helps

  9. Juzzok says:

    Gr8 info on backlinks. Wondering if I put a backlink up of a webpage what value will be placed if I add it here???lol

  10. Juzzok,

    My guess is that it will get indexed. Then that will enable the link from there to your site to be seen and counted.

  11. Peter_BusinessGuide21 says:

    Good tips! Colin. It really helps me. I just have one suggestion for you. Perhaps you can make another video using some screen capture software (e.g. Camtasia) to show us how to use those WP plugins you mentioned in your video to get the backlinks indexed. In this way, it will become even clearer to us of what you described in your video. Anyway, thanks for your sharing.

  12. Peter,

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I will add it to the ‘to-dos’ 🙂 In the middle of relaunching ViralNetworks! now so that has me snowed under for the next 2 weeks or so 🙂

    Hope everything is going well for you!

  13. Shane Woods says:

    I was really impressed with your video’s the first two were pretty basic but the last one had some great tips. I had some of my on thoughts and posted them on my blog.

  14. Shane, you have a good blog going on there. Thank you very much for the plug 🙂 I am relaunching a site so haven’t had time to make more videos for CKTV, but will get another one up soon.

    I also think that I am learning to make better video, so hopefully the next one is an improvement! Keep up the good work with your blog

  15. Truman Anderson says:

    I have learned from a lot from viewing your videos and I’m trying to put this information into practice. I am an upgraded member of Social Monkee and I’m trying to learn to use it as well. I’m a little confused about using anchor text in backlinking.

  16. Hi Truman… Anchor text is the text that you ‘hyperlink’ to your content. For example, I want this post we are talking on to rank for: ‘Quality Backlinks’ – so when I get inbound links to this post, I will use the keyword ‘Quality Backlinks’ that means that when someone clicks that term it will load this post.

    More importantly, it tells the search engines that this post is about ‘quality backlinks’ and that they should rank it for that term. I hope that helps 🙂

  17. oliver says:

    ping your backlinks

  18. This is a great piece of advice and amazing service.

  19. Yes, that is one good way of doing it, another way is to drive backlinks to your backlinks for more authority and link juice. Use & submit them to a service like – This will enable you to get more out of your backlinks.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  20. Hi Deeraj,

    Thanks very much for your nice comment, keep up the good work!

  21. michael says:

    Great article like the way youput it together. Gives new light on the subject. Keep up the great work.

  22. Miriamsearthencookware says:

    Hi Collin! 

    What can I say… Great work, very clear and precise instructions and you have made it very enjoyable to listen to. You have so much information and it is presented very well– thank you! I also like the fact that you put the sponsoring/related links in the bottom (below) the video for easy access. I checked out most of the links and they seems to be able to do exactly what you have outlined in your video,  So it’s not like you are selling something you know very little about-great work on that as well!

      We are a start up manufacturing and marketing company trying to market our products directly to our consumers, harnessing the power of the Internet… Because our product comprises of a rather new concept, it is best when marketed directly.  So I might not be one of your typical viewer ( I am not a webmaster, or a wanna be web person) in fact I am a layman when it comes to anything to do with SEO etc, but I am very passionate about my product and love what it can do for our customer so nothing can stop me from learning whatever it it that I have to do to get the word out.  So in that light  your tutorial has helped me a lot– thank you! 

    Miriam @ healthy cookware

    P.S. So by the way here I have tried to use one of your strategies to sign off– trying to put in a hyperlink with my name and the anchor text ( referring to your suggestion on adding name with anchor text as hyperlinks to blog posts etc)  Offcourse I wasn’t able to hyperlink this, not sure why, but at least did I put the anchor text in the right place, or should I have put it else where? Also I don’t know why I am not able to set the hyperlink… Maybe it’s because I am using an iPad and I don’t know how to do it on this. 

    If you do get a chance do visit our website and let me know your feedback, I know I have to do a lot of work on Content building to suit SEO, and I am working on it, but other than that what do you think of the overall appearance and feel… Any suggestion and advise would be highly valued.

    Thank you,

  23. julien_ck says:


  24. julien_ck says:

    @Miriamsearthencookware Hello Miriam 🙂 Do you mean you tried to place a link in your comment? I don’t think you can as hyperlinks are not allowed in comments, but you can place one in your name, just like you did: Miriamsearthencookware linking to your cookware site.

    I visited your site. I think it looks good but what keywords do you want it to rank for in Google? I suggest that you place those keywords in your page title, description, headings, text content… Also have you started building links to your pages? If not, I suggest that you give SocialMonkee and BacklinksKingdom a try. Let us know how it goes! If you have any more questions, feel free to let us know 🙂

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