Keywords and Phrases for Traffic Generation

One of the biggest components of a website’s success in search engine rankings is the proper selection and use of keywords. Emphasizing the right keywords can make your website stand out in the right circles, getting you traffic and revenue. That said, finding the right keywords can be a tough task.

Selecting the right keywords and phrases relies on two things: research and specificity.

For the research part, go to websites that offer similar services to what you will provide and look at its keywords. Often you can see them by right mouse-clicking on the page and selecting “View Page Source”. But there are also a lot of online keyword analysis tools, like Spyfu, that allow you to enter a web address and return a keyword list, so make use of them. Such a list will provide you with a starting point.

Once you have the list, it is time to get specific. Basic one-word keywords generally face very tough competition. For example, if you wanted to start a successful website about independent music acts in your city, then the keyword “music” would not be one to focus on. You will face tough competition from online music distributors, online merchants like Amazon, record companies, music magazines, etc.

If, however, you use that starting keyword and make it more specific, you can have better success. So, instead of music, try “music in New York” or “New York indie music,” or any other variation that will include the base keyword and make it specific for your topic.

Search engine users have become sophisticated enough to realize that in order to find the content they want, they must enter specific search terms. If your keywords reflect variations of those specific terms, then you will be able to generate traffic, and that traffic will be made up of the exact people who are interested in your topic/product/service.

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  1. ED says:

    Aha, Keywords and Phrases for Traffic Generation in building your site, is
    very important… Using a keyword in the Header, and also in the begining
    of your statement, is key, for success…

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