Can you still Retire Rich in the Current Crisis?

“The collapse of the economy has led me to drastically restructure my own retirement plan,” says Dr. Richard Besdine, the 69-year-old director of the Brown University Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research. “It’s a lot simpler now — I’m just going to die in the office.” – CNN Money

Funny… but unfortunatly, due to events taking place over the last two years, potentially true. The retirement age of Average Americans is likely to increase by 10 years due to the setbacks being seen right now. Not sure about you, but the though of working until 75 doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

There simply has to be a better way to earn an income then ‘working for the man’! This is where the internet puts it’s hand up and yells: “Pick Me… Pick Me!”

Truly, anyone can do it, provided you think about each action you take. The saying “Every action has a reaction” wasn’t made up purely because it ryhmes. Don’t do any action without thinking about it first. Why go and post a spam link on other peoples blogs promoting a ponzi scheme? How long will it take before that comment is deleted, if it is approved at all? How many people reading that comment are likely to think “Wow, this sounds good?” I would go as far as to say none will, but everyone else will think of you as just another spammer. That really is NOT the way to do it. Rather, eductate yourself on what successful people do, and think about each action you take. Ensure there is purpose behind it.

I thought about this post before writing it. The reason for me making this post is because I know I can help you to take actions that produce the positive kinds of results. So drumming it in that you can do it, if you do it the right way, should, lead to you signing up to my mailing list and following my posts.

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2 responses to “Can you still Retire Rich in the Current Crisis?”

  1. ED says:

    Well Colin, much truth in the retirement age. As the welfare system is ” Broke ”

    You retirement age will be in the mid 70’s soon..

    Can’t depend on the welfare system, as the money you pay in taxes, is gone pooft?

    The answer is Network, network, and build a networking comunity globally, to help each other succeed to financial freedom…

    Don’t depend on your minister or senator in Goverment, to help you retire?

    Depend by helping build your own financial future…

  2. Dan Gabriel says:

    It’s never too late. Look at Col Sanders, McDonald’s founder – Mr. Kroc – sorry I cant remember his name –

    The system does work – depends what’s your situation – and just have to adjust very quick.

    The Industrial Revolution happened during over a period of 100 years – The Information Age is happening right now – over few tens of years.

    The human being did not change, but the changes are so dramatic and some of us cannot cope with it.

    To network is possible, but you have to listen very careful what’s going on within your group.

    All the best,

    Dan Gabriel

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